Why Ceramic Coating Motorcycle Exhaust?

Every motorcycle enthusiast wants their bike to look and feel great. However, the paintwork gradually fades without proper protection, minor scratches may appear, and varnish erased. Because of this, the exterior part, which consists of the body and exhaust, may become unattractive; and this can gradually devalue your bike and, subsequently, the sale value. Ceramic coatings are preferred due to their protective properties and are superior. This is why ceramic coating motorcycle exhaust is needed for a biker.

First, let’s take a closer look at the cost of ceramic coating motorcycle exhaust.

Ceramic Coating Motorcycle Exhaust Cost

The cost of ceramic coating of motorcycle exhaust depends on your choice. Suppose $20.00 per foot up to 2″ is the cost to ceramic coat motorcycle exhaust. Also, a standard ceramic coating cost depends on the part you want to coat; however, ceramic coating average costs range from $500 – $2,000. Besides aluminium coating and powder coating, here are three options in the market.

1. The Low Heat Coating- Budget Friendly

The low heat coating is a budget-friendly option for riders. In addition, it is a popular tool for damage control and restoration of a motorcycle.

So, how much do ceramic coat headers? What is the ceramic coating manifold price? Let’s have a look at Honda V6 engines Aluminum Ceramic Coating-

Competition $215.00; Header $180.00; Cast Manifold $150.00. Total- $545 ( Estimated Cost). However, the anticipated cost of the 6-cylinder aluminum ceramic coating is $525.

2. The Medium Heat Coating- Affordable 

The performance is improved, and the coating protects engines from intense heat. Additionally, it offers enough defense for places with somewhat low heat or headers, turbo components, etc.

Note, that the medium motorcycle ceramic coating’s estimated cost is $900-$1200.

3. The High Heat Coating- Expensive

Although this coating is expensive, and ideal for racing or diesel-using vehicles, it also deals with pistons’ internal heating and combustion. No doubt, it’s money-worthy and so effective. This expensive coating estimated cost is $1700-$2000.

5 Reasons Why  Ceramic Coating Motorcycle Exhaust

A ceramic coat is worthful for your motorcycle gear. It lasts much longer and works as an exhaust wrap. Also, it produces a peak performance than you normally expect. Here are the top 5 reasons why ceramic coating exhaust is best.

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1. Improves your vehicle’s appearance

After ceramic coating for exhaust pipes, your motorcycle acquires a perfect glossy shine and mirror effect. Even better, the color is more profound and rich.

Worth noting, that ceramics don’t protect against gravels like polyurethane. However, because the surface is super smooth, dust, insects, or grass particles slide along the surface without sticking. Therefore the friction force is too low and doesn’t cause scratches or scuffs, thereby keeping the surface in good condition.

In addition, the exhaust is made of steel which reacts to water and afterward rusts. Therefore coating helps protect against rusting and enhances your bike’s overall appearance.

2. Long-lasting

In the yesteryears, the first prospective coatings were made of wax. However, this didn’t provide a reliable and long-term protective effect. They were quickly erased and got a beating from the harsh weather, including the hot sun. Further, wax proved to be challenging to apply.

Currently, you can use a professional abrasive polish; however, the original coating may not last long. Further, the factory finish may not maintain the shine for long.

With good care, the ceramic coating on the exhaust of your motorcycle can last up to two years. However, to keep it in good condition, you must use special detergent to avoid damaging it.

3. Less cleaning

A motorcycle covered with a ceramic coating doesn’t require more washing. The composition of the coating material repels water and impurities from the surface of the bike. In addition, dust doesn’t stop lying on the body due to the smoothness of the layer.

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4. Improves performance

The exhaust is the lower part of a motorcycle and is exposed to dust, debris, water, and chemicals. When these contact the exhaust, they can create a chemical reaction that can dent its performance. Worst still, if you live in coastal areas, chances are your exhaust might develop cracks and quickly disintegrate.  

Coating your bike’s exhaust with ceramic is quickly becoming popular since it protects the undercarriage, thereby boosting its performance. In addition, the exhaust will last longer since ceramic offers ample protection against heat and corrosion. 

Another cause of concern is the gases produced by exhaust because they are highly corrosive. When exiting through the pipe, they can scorch it off or damage it and cause it to deteriorate. A ceramic coat protects the entire system from toxic substances and thus extends its lifespan.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Even though the cost of ceramic painting is higher than other options on the market, you can save money in the long run due to lower maintenance. Therefore the cost-effectiveness is what makes it attractive amongst motorcyclists. 

Also, when applying the coating, you don’t have to dismantle the exhaust system. Instead, you can spray on the surface of the bike and allow it to dry.

Cons of ceramic coating motorcycle exhaust

Even though the ceramic coating is cost-effective and improves the overall look of your exhaust, it has some drawbacks.

  • First off, ceramic coating is a laborious procedure performed by experienced professionals using advanced equipment and materials. In addition, you need first to wash and clean the body using professional products. 
  • Other processes include degreasing to avoid damaging the original paintwork. Typically, the application of ceramics requires up to 5 layers with intermediate drying. Lastly, the polymerization process may take up to 12 hours. 

How do you care for ceramic coating

To take care of your ceramic coating motorcycle exhaust, you can have a two-phase wash. The first phase consists of a contactless wash, whereas the second wash involves cleaning with a microfiber cloth and detergent solution.


However, you shouldn’t wash the motorcycle for at least 14 days after application as the coating has not fully adhered or formed. So, how long does the ceramic coating need to sit? Well, it takes two to three weeks. However, you can wash it after three weeks.


The original paintwork on your motorcycle exhaust is greatly affected by the external environment. In addition, chemicals, stones, dust, and sun rays can damage the exterior. Ceramic coating is a reliable option that offers long-term protection to the motorcycle exhaust.

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