Why Are Used Motorcycles So Expensive?

At present, used bikes have a great reputation in the motorcycle market as they are less available. Are you searching for a used bike but have become upset after seeing the used bike’s price? Also, you might be wondering, “Why are used motorcycles so expensive?”

Used motorcycles are typically so expensive due to inflation, second or third-party distributors, a lack of dealerships, mileage, bike quality, or supply chain issues. Previously, the COVID pandemic also raised the used bike price range.

Anyway, if you love to hear about why used motorcycles are highly rated, you have to go through the entire article as we have a lot of information for you. So, let’s talk about the second-hand bike expensiveness reasons and the present market estimate price of used bikes.

Are Used Motorcycles Good?

are used motorcycles good

We often choose a new one to acquire new features and regain a fresh condition. However, if money is a concern, a common question is, ” Is buying a secondhand motorcycle a bad thing?” In such cases, the answer is no; secondhand or pre-owned motorcycles with a few miles are OK. A used bike will maintain its value considerably better overall.

You are cordially welcome to acquire a used motorcycle, especially for the cost-benefit. The only method to obtain models that are no longer manufactured or are regarded as antique is to purchase a secondhand motorcycle. Additionally, used bikes can be an inexpensive source of spare components for your primary motorcycle.

On the other hand, secondhand motorcycles could have some undiscovered flaws. It’s possible that the first owner covered up a long list of mechanical issues, and finally, they sold it out. So, you need to be sure about the bike. Also, the mileage on pre-owned motorcycles might have additional costs.

Motorcycles without the necessary maintenance will eventually need a thorough service, which can be costly. As a result, before purchasing a secondhand bike, you should inspect it. A good-condition used bike will never break your heart.

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Why Are Used Motorcycle Prices So High – 15 Reasons Why

why are bikes so expensive right now
  1. The pace of price growth or inflation over a specific time period is a crucial factor. When inflation is high, the price of secondhand motorcycles might often climb by a factor of two to three until it drops to a rate that is more affordable. For instance, if inflation is taken into account, R1 has lost around 40% of its initial value rather than losing around 20% of its value.
  2. Second-hand bikes have a great demand. Due to their high value, used bikes are available at expensive rates. If you buy them at the proper time of year and from a more convenient spot, you can even find some suitable selections for considerably less money. However, if they are well-maintained, many used motorcycles’ prices continue to be rather high.
  3. Undoubtedly, the cost of a bike in good condition will always be high. As a result, the dealer increased their prices. But sometimes your luck will save a lot of dollars from your pocket as the dealer sells the bike without thinking about the profit.
  4. Usually, warmer climates maintain vehicles in better condition. On the other hand, California, Washington, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama are some of the more expensive locations to find a secondhand motorcycle.
  5. The price of a used motorcycle is determined by its mileage, with low-mileage bikes costing more. The price of a used motorcycle grows as the mileage is less. Up to $8,000 might well be asked for a 2008 Suzuki GSX-R750 with around 13,000 kilometers. For instance, a motorcycle with only 20,000 miles on it and a 10-year-old age will cost more than one with 50,000 miles. A bike that cost £1950 in 2002 is now worth £2200 due to increased age and mileage.
  6. The brand name and the fact that a company, like Harley Davidson, is renowned for being reliable and producing high-quality motorcycles, retain their value. As a result, a reputable brand charges a high price for the value of its brand, but, of course, its products are much more trustworthy.
  7. A lack of new motorcycles due to supply chain problems has raised the price. The motorcycle industry is impacted by a shortage of microchips similar to that experienced by the car industry.
  8. The lack of used bikes at dealerships is another problem nowadays that lets some other parties get more profit. Dealerships are totally unable to maintain stock because they lack inventory. It opens the door for those second and third-party sellers to enter and raise the price.
  9. Used motorcycles can be purchased via second and third-party resellers for a higher price than you would pay at a store, including Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, and other sites. Since the actual secondhand bike merchants have limited collections, they fall behind.
  10. In some cases, the factories and production facilities become hampered due to a labor shortage, which raises the cost of used bikes. So, keep an eye out for sellers who are second or third parties, as they may have a good collection of used motorcycles.
  11. Since there is a smaller market for niche second-hand motorcycles, their prices are higher. The chance for greater profit is seized by dealers for these bikes.
  12. Since spring and summer are the peak riding times, used motorcycles will typically cost more. Select a winter season that has fewer demands because of the cold and riding limitations.
  13. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic included waves across the supply chain. In addition to complicating the market for new motorcycles, the epidemic has an effect on the cost of used bikes. Various bike shops stopped selling secondhand bikes when some brands increased the cost of their products.
  14. Due to their high-quality construction and advanced technology, the latest bikes are more expensive. This means that they are still very valuable on the bike market even after being used. Even if the design of modern motorcycles resembles that of motorcycles from the 1980s, technology has advanced significantly since then.
  15. Today, we consider technologies such as more advanced engines, electronic ignition, ABS, disc wheels, and more. The cost of the most recent one is usually expensive because we prefer it.

Why is it so challenging to find a decent second-hand bike?

  • Any dedicated rider will feel left behind if they don’t get a bike with new technologies or improvements to existing technologies (12sp). We may be acquiring two or more generations of outdated technology if we pick up an old bike.
  • According to Pidcock BMW sales officer Mark Herbert, prices are quite high for all secondhand bikes.
  • There aren’t as many second-hand motorcycles available on the market since they range in value, so the seller may believe they will obtain a better value than a part-exchange deal sometimes.
  • Additionally, there might be other troubles like being unable to satisfy the demands we have from the bike, including those related to pricing, possible component fragility, and distance.
  • For example, the 2009 cross-plane crank R1. It cost £8999 at the beginning. However, when the 2009 model drew near, retailers offered discounts as low as £8000 to move stock. R1 has therefore lost around 25% of its initial worth.
  • The currency rate is a contributing factor, but the shortage in their marketplaces is also a major factor.
  • Additionally, individuals are selling their bikes on Facebook groups, eBay, and privately, so it’s getting hard to find old used bikes.
  • It becomes difficult to buy a bike unless you are selling it for less than half of what it originally cost and you include a thorough service plan. So, used bikes have become so costly to purchase.

Why are used Harleys so expensive?

  • They are significantly more expensive because of their excellent brand reputation and business growth.
  • Harley often sells its customized old bikes in excellent condition, making them appear to be like new.
  • There is no doubt that American Harley-Davidsons are pricey, but they hold their value for many years after purchase and have a high resale value on the used bike market.
  • Their secondhand bikes are durable and reliable, so they cost more than any other brand.

How much should I pay for a used motorcycle?

The price of a secondhand motorcycle will vary depending on the bike’s model, condition, year, mileage, engine capacity, and seasonality. Some expensive and inexpensive motorcycles are available, ranging in price from $1,000 to $10,000.

However, the price range for a good-condition bike with no issues is between $3,000 and $6,000. You should spend approximately 3–5 thousand dollars on a used bike.

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1. Why do used bikes cost almost the same as new ones?

There is a supply and demand rule. Prices should remain high until supplies meet demand because there is a strong demand and a small supply. For instance, a used 2020 MT07 costs 7000€, but we could just buy one brand-new one for 8,500€. Additionally, depending on the mileage, condition, and other factors, the price is pretty much identical to that of a new bike.

2. What is the best mileage for a used motorcycle?

A car with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer typically has low mileage, whereas high mileage, like 20,000 miles, is also good in the case of a used motorcycle.

3. What is the average markup on used motorcycles?

The larger dealer groups with a concentration on volume and market share currently dominate the market, which is pretty competitive. In the US and the UK, the average markup on a motorcycle is about $1000 and £1000, respectively.

4. What is the best month to buy a used motorcycle?

We advise against purchasing a used motorcycle in the U.S. during the months of November to February or during the chilly winter months. Because individuals do not enjoy riding bikes in cold weather, they will not attempt to purchase motorcycles at that time.


So, we hope you understand Why Are Used Motorcycles So Expensive as we mentioned 15 possible occurrences that make the bike price high. So, the price becomes high, usually, due to inflation, brand value, quality, condition, mileage, environmental matter, and supply chain matter, and purchasing at the wrong time will make you spend more money on used bikes.

So, pick the right time, like winter, and if you have followed our article, you know how much you need to budget for your used bike. Go and get your bike in good condition and enjoy the ride!

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