What Does It Mean When Bikers Point Two Fingers Down?

Every motorcyclist has a unique manner of indicating certain signals while out riding. Perhaps you’re a novice rider, and while you were on the tranquil roads, another biker pointed two fingers at you. You immediately thought, “What Does It Mean When Bikers Point Two Fingers Down?”

Basically, motorcycle riders give other riders a two-finger signal as a show of camaraderie and fraternity among motorcyclists who want to look decent. Additionally, when a biker hands down, it symbolizes peace and harmony. You can also call this the rider’s mark of brotherhood.

Actually, there are plenty of signals for bikers, and that’s what we would love to share today. So, if you feel interested in knowing what bikers actually use to signal something while they ride, keep reading. You won’t leave the site without learning something new!

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What Are The Hand Signals For A Motorcycle?


A motorcycle rider frequently uses many signals. An externalization of our goals is the use of hand signals. The hand gestures express the intentions to other drivers in the same way as a brake light or a turning signal does.

When riding in a group, we frequently provide the signal for the others to follow. But not everyone here is aware of the fact. A multitude of hand signals is typically used by bikers, like waving their hands in greeting, a nod, the classic handshake, a pointed finger, and others. We will talk about all the signals below. So, stay here!

Turn Left Signal

A rider often uses their left hand to mark a left turn. The traditional hand gesture for turning left is to hold out your left arm to the side.

Turn Right Signal

You need your left hand to make a right turn. To make a right turn, raise your left hand while bending your arm at a 90-degree angle.

Drop Off

Riders behind must be told that the lead rider has taken left or right turn by the drop-off rider. You must therefore follow the drop rider’s instructions.

Stop Signal

Someone would instantly stop if you held your palm up in front of them. To drop your arm at 90˚, consider extending your shoulder and flexing your elbow. By doing this, you’ll be able to show the riders at the back and top of the palm.

Failed To Turn Off The Indicator

The rider in front of you will signal that you have left your indicator on if they open and close their left fist. Their clenched fist will open and close to represent the flashing of your turn signal when their left arm is lowered to the side.

Speed Up

To signal someone to speed up, extend your arm and wave your palm upward. Use it to signal the other members of the group to pick up their pace and match yours.

Slow Down

To signal everyone in the group to slow down, you need to extend your arm and swing your palm down. As motorcycles produce strong engine braking forces that do not activate the brake light on the back, you have to slow down the bike.

Follow Me

Extend your arm forward at the shoulder and point your palm outward to provide the follow-me signal. It is typically used to indicate a self-appointed group leader or to separate a huge mass into smaller ones.

You Lead or Come

Pull up next to the rider you wish to lead or follow first. Swing your arm forward while pointing to their bike. You should follow me or you lead here.

Single File

The single file is about asking how many? At that moment, your left index finger is extended, and your arm is bent upward in that case.

Double File

In a double file situation, extend your left arm out to your shoulder, bend your elbow 90 degrees, and this time, raise two fingers.

Comfort Stop

To stop comfortably, extend your left arm straight out and at a slight inclination toward the road; your hand should be around waist high. Make a fist and repeatedly move your arm up to your shoulder and then back down. Only stop here if the road or shoulder is clear of debris and there is enough space to park.

Refreshment Stop

With this gesture, you’re signaling to others that you’re going to a restaurant or a gas station. Riders usually give a “thumbs up” sign with their left hand and point it in the direction of their mouth, which is an indication that their thumb is a straw that has been looking for a glass of water.

Requirement of Fuel

You can be quite sure a biker needs fuel if they make a large motion toward their gasoline tank in front of you. Therefore, make sure you get the fuel.


This time, a dual signal is being indicated. Risk to the right or left is the issue. Point your left arm for a left-handed hazard and your right foot for a right-handed one. This hand signal is used to alert other bikers about a problem on the road.

Pull Off At Junction

The group will be dismounted at the following junction if the lead rider makes a jerking motion with their left hand. Therefore, you might need to pull off.

Cops Are Ahead

When you tap your head, police are approaching. To signal the presence of police or mobile speed camera traps, UK citizens give the thumbs-down signal.

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Bicycle Signals’ Significance

  • Usually, motorcycle hand signals are pretty simple to understand, particularly when used in conjunction with proper body language.
  • You may improve your safety by using motorcycle hand signals.
  • Similar to putting on safety gear like gloves and a motorcycle jacket, signaling is crucial.
  • Hand signals can be used to guide and direct a group of riders, notify them of potential dangers on the road, and signal when it’s safe to stop or leave a busy route.
  • Signals can be incredibly convenient when you need to stop or turn left safely, and when your lights aren’t functioning, signals will help you out.

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2 Fingers Down Meaning

The two-finger wave is more than just good riding manners; it goes further than that. Even military personnel show respect for their fellow citizens by making a two-finger sign with both hands. Generally speaking, the two-finger wave is made by pointing the left hand’s index and middle fingers downward toward the ground.

Why do bikers put two fingers down? When a rider puts their two fingers down, it symbolizes respect and peace with neighboring bikers. Showing gestures while riding is a biker’s language. Bikers use the gesture to say “Hello!” Keep the rubber side down and both wheels firmly planted for a secure ride and protection from evil spirits on the road.

5 Possible Reasons For Pointing 2 Fingers Down At Other Riders


A good rider usually uses the two-fingers down gesture often for five reasons. But especially, it’s about respect and peace. Keep that in mind.

Same Bike Brands

A matching bike model or brand is the primary reason a rider could express a two-finger down wave. Many elite motorcyclists, particularly those who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, assume that Harley Davidson users are the only ones who can make this gesture to one another, but it’s a misconception. 

However, most riders give two fingers down to riders on bikes of the same brand as their own. It’s not about any specific brand or user’s gesture.

Symbolism of Brotherhood

In order to express fraternity or brotherhood in peace, riders mostly use the two-fingered down gesture. Rider Gipp follows the same way.

Silent Handshake

You may have observed that basketball or soccer players have a certain handshake approach. Similar to this, bikers sometimes use this gesture to quietly shake hands while riding.

Politeness & Mannerism

The two-finger wave gesture is frequently used by bikers to signify their politeness and good manners. It suggests that despite being professional motorcyclists, they are kind-hearted.

Comfort Zone

Bikers also signal to one another by pointing two fingers downward when they are unable to take their hands off the throttle without losing stability or stepping outside of their comfort zone. This helps them communicate in these circumstances. While making gestures to convey messages, they feel comfortable.

Should I Point Two Fingers Down at Other Motorcyclists in Any Situation?

When riding next to another cyclist, it’s not necessary to make the two-fingers down gesture. When other bikers are nearing you while you’re on your bike, signal to them by pointing your left hand’s index and middle fingers down.

Through this, you are showing the other rider respect and peace. Typically, these are referred to as “riding bells,” “guardian bells,” or “gremlin bells.” They signify a wish to ride safely and also act as a good luck charm to fight off “bad road spirits.”

Is the two-finger wave only for Harley owners?

No, it’s not only for Harley owners. Therefore, anyone riding a motorcycle with two wheels, particularly trikes, can use the two-finger gesture. It’s a common misunderstanding that the two-finger wave is exclusively acceptable among Harley-Davidson riders. Additionally, we use the same signal so that oncoming traffic can see the hand gesture.

Although some Harley riders think that only Harley riders should signal each other with this gesture, it’s not a hard and fast rule. When people mention that the Harley guys aren’t waving back, it’s just a misunderstanding, as you can also wave to anyone with two fingers.

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1. Why do bikers use 2 fingers down?

Giving the other biker two fingers down is a sign of respect and peace. It serves as a form of greeting. It also indicates keeping the rubber side down and the wheels firmly planted. Additionally, it is a wish for the other rider to remain safe while they ride.

2. What does a motorcyclist tapping the top of their helmet mean?

An indication that high beams are on is typically made by a rider tapping their helmet. A motorcycle rider tapping the top of their helmet indicates that they should slow down just like a car flashes its lights.

3. How do bikers greet each other?

Bikers typically wave their hands in greeting. They usually make hand signals like nodding, pointing fingers, a palm-out V, or a full raised hand wave.

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So, two fingers down is a wave or a signal of brotherhood, respect, and peace while you ride. It also signals the welfare of any rider at any risk of an accident. Therefore, we have introduced every hand gesture and communication style of bikers.

So, there should be no query regarding “What Does It Mean When Bikers Point Two Fingers Down” and the biker’s other gestures. Even if you need more to explain, we will be there for you. Keep visiting the site for more content linked to automobiles.

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