Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Motorcycle exhaust wrapping is just that, wrapping the exhaust of a motorcycle. One may wonder, and so might you, what is the importance of wrapping a motorcycle exhaust? Well, wonder no more. Wrapping reduces temperature and boosts airflow in the engine and exhaust systems. Airflow is key in maximizing the horsepower of a motorcycle.

Below is a further explanation of the pros and cons of motorcycle exhaust wrap. Also, check the buyer’s guide towards the end.

Pros of Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

It is pretty easy to ignore some elements in the motorcycle. But, it would be better not to ignore installing an exhaust wrap. This effortless trick comes with dozens of benefits to you and your bike. Here are a few pros of doing a motorcycle exhaust wrap.

  • The wrap increases the horsepower. Airflow in and out of the engine dramatically affects the horsepower it produces. Exhaust wrap transmits the engine’s heat further away from the engine to boost airflow.
  • It creates a classic look on your motorcycle. Exhaust wraps have different colors that you choose from. Else, you can paint the wrap. Without the wraps, the heat from the engine causes discoloration of the exhaust.
  • They protect your feet from the exhaust heat. Irrespective of how careful you are, you’ve at one time bumped into a hot exhaust. Wrapping the headers lowers the temperatures and, thus, reduces heat exposure.
  • Exhaust wrap is effortless to install. Installing the wraps is easy, simple, and fast. What’s more, anyone can do it using easy-to-follow kit instructions.

Cons of Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

It’s time we look at the cons of having an exhaust wrap on your motorcycle. A coin has a head and a tail, and so do exhaust wraps.

  • It Produces a bad smell. In the first few rides after installing it, expect some bad odor from the curing wrapping process. You can do nothing to change that (not even spraying a whole can of cologne).
  • The wrap can hold water and result in rusting. Storing the motorcycle for a long accumulates moisture between the wrap and the exhaust. And, as you know, water is an agent of rusting.
  • There is no escape plan. Once installed, removing it causes more harm than good. The wrap leaves unfashionable markings on the exhaust. 

What features should you consider in a Motorcycle exhaust wrap?

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

The exhaust wraps do not pose a one-fit-all scenario. Thus, be keen on:

  • The width and the length of the wrap. The best cost-effective wraps are 2″x 50 feet.
  • Check how easy it is to install the wrap on the kit. It’s unlogic to buy a wrap you can’t install.
  • Having an idea of the material that makes up the wrap is essential. Some materials last longer than others.
  • Everyone loves color and probably you too. Different wraps have different colors.

Last year, I wrapped my motorcycle with a Sunplus Trade black wrap roll. I love this exhaust wrap exceptionally because it withstands 1400F direct and 2000F radiant heat. I find this ideal for my bike with a single tube configuration and, so, a bit hot. Additionally, it’s affordable and universally fit for cars and motorcycles.

Cost of Motorcycle exhaust wrap

The cost of an exhaust wrap ranges from $11 to $30—the cost changes with the material, color, and thickness.

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Is wrapping motorcycle exhaust bad?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you can face the issues listed in this article, then exhaust wrapping shouldn’t be a bad idea.

How do you install heat wrap on motorcycle exhaust?

Installing the heat wrap should be easy. If you’re keen to follow instructions, the kit guide should be enough. But, to mention the basics;

  • Soak the wrap with water until it’s soft.
  • Wrap it around the exhaust while squeezing it.
  • Use the stainless steel zip to tie all ends.

Have some gloves on to avoid sores and other injuries.

How hot do exhaust pipes get?

Exhaust pipes’ hotness ranges from 300 to 1000 degrees depending on how long you’ve been riding. However, the exhaust system reduces heat.

What is a thermal wrap?

A thermal wrap is a thermal insulation. It prevents heat from moving from the exhaust back to the engine. So clearly, wrapping the manifold with synthetic fiber reduces the engine heat. As a result, it is boosting horsepower.

Does exhaust wrap reduce noise on motorcycles?

Yes. Thus, reducing the noise coming from the exhaust. So, exhaust wraps are ideal for reducing the vibration and frequency coming out of the pipe.


Motorcycle exhaust wrap has its pros and cons. The wraps help protect yourself, and the motorcycle and also give the bike a decent look. On the other hand, exhaust wrapping has its bitter cup. Wrapping risks corroding your headers faster, especially if you don’t frequently use them. To sum it up, the pros are weightier than the cons. Also, the cons are dependent on how you maintain your bike.


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