7 Most Comfortable Seat for Harley Sportster (2022)

most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster

Tons of Harley fans can agree that riding on a most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster feels bliss! From its chic design and looks to a unique act on the road. However, you will not feel and enjoy the same without having an apt seat. It is so annoying when you can’t ride on your Sportster for more than of hour. Because the seat kicks you on every jump on bumpy roads that leaves pain on your buttocks. Also, it gives you a poor riding position hence severe backaches.

Are you having the same worry with the naturally itchy or worn-out seat? The best cure to all your woes is to choose the 7 most comfortable seats for Harley Sportster. It gives a comfy seat spot with great spacing for an enjoyable ride. You will find some of them with unique and cozy backrests to give extra support to your back. Besides, it offers the best economical way of adding décor and style to your Sportster model. Having a comfortable seat will bring you many benefits for an enjoyable long ride. 

Most Comfortable Seat for Harley Sportster

While a comfortable seat is a must for your long rides, finding the best product unit is never that simple. There are many alternative brands in the market, claiming their seats to be the best. Don’t worry because we have selected the best brands for you. Hence, you can compare and find the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster. Let’s see a quick view and after you will see details review:

  1. Mustang 75595 Fastback One-Piece – Get ultimate back support on budget
  2. MISS MOLY Bracket Cushion – Best solo seat for sportster
  3. Rich Choices Custom Solo Seat – Universal fit for Harley Sportster
  4. Mustang One-Piece Seat – Best wide vintage super touring seat
  5. Senkauto Black Bobber Solo Seat – Harley sportster seat compatibility
  6. Mustang Tripper Solo Seat – Best two-piece seat version with Tripper passenger seat
  7. HTTMT Front Driver Solo Seat – A best wide seat for Harley Sportster

Let’s see details review:

1. Mustang 75595 Fastback One-Piece – Get ultimate back support on budget

Are you looking to take your Sportster’s comfort to another level at a reasonable price? Mustang 75595 Fastback One-Piece waits for you to pick it up. To clarify, this handy seat has a high-rising wall that will give the rider excellent back support. Besides, it keeps the rider in a strong yet comfortable riding position. As a result, it limits the rider from sliding back in the saddle. Thus, you can ride for a long time with excellent comfort.

Moreover, the lowered driver bucket keeps the rider lower and further back. Also, a stylish passenger seat gives great levels of comfort to the passenger. Its precise sizes fit on a Harley Dyna 2006 – 2017 without a fuss. 


  • Beautiful looking and merges with your motorcycle’s seat
  • Offers top-notch comfort at an affordable price
  • Designed to give the rider a comfortable riding position
  • Installs much easier with only a few tools required


  • It doesn’t line up well on the rear fender

2. MISS MOLY Bracket Cushion – Best solo seat for sportster

MISS MOLY Solo Seat is here to give you comfort with its simple yet great design. The retro brown look gives your handy Harley Sportster without compromising comfort. Besides, it has a synthetic leather and neoprene foam. They give it not only comfort but also durability. And, the steel made springs give the seat a steady fit to limit it from sliding.

The good thing is, this solo seat is available in six different tints. Therefore, you can choose the one you like most. With a seat of 13.75 by 11.75-inches, the MISS MOLY Solo Seat has a great space for a cozy ride. Above all, it fits perfectly with a wide range of motorcycles and Sportster. Furthermore, setting up this seat is a breeze, as you need no tools. If you like to buy on a budget, this solo seat is the best choice to make.


  • Durable thanks to synthetic leather
  • The neoprene foam gives comfort
  • Easy to install with no tools
  • Custom seat with great looks
  • Very affordable


  • Not super padded

3. Rich Choices Custom Solo Seat – Universal fit for Harley Sportster

This great-looking and comfortable custom seat offer universal fits for almost Harley models. Besides that, the stylish design makes it the best choice for adding decor to your Sportster. The best part is, its construction has top-class quality material. Hence, expect it to last for a long while gives you great performance.

For comfort, the Custom Brown Leather Solo Seat boasts soft brown leather and neoprene foam. As a result, you can rest assured to ride along with fun and pleasure. Also, a strong steel mounting bracket and four springs come with it. This is to say, installing it will be super easy and hassle-free. The seat is 100% brand new with a size of 13.75 by 11.75-inches. Thus, it gives ample space for a freestyle ride.


  • Brown colored and stylish to add décor to your bike
  • Top class quality material enhance durability
  • Offers universal fitment at an affordable price
  • Neoprene foam material gives ultimate comfort


  • Few users complained about missing parts

4. Mustang One-Piece Seat – Best wide vintage super touring seat

Looking for the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster with the style of skirted? The Mustang One-Piece Seat has got you covered. It is a standard-style seat trimmed with a braided edge skirt that covers the seat frame. As a result, it gives a smooth and classic look that mixes the best old and new looks.

Interestingly, the extended rear seat gives excellent support to the rider’s back. It has a wider seat space with deeply pocketed front and rear bucket seats. Therefore, it offers ultimate comfort for long hauls on your Sportster. This one-piece seat features a carpeted steel baseplate for easy installation. It is a great replacement for any style of Harley Sportster fitted out with 2.1 or 3.3-gallon tanks.


  • Gives a super pretty old look
  • The wider seat offers a perfect sitting position
  • Deep-pocketed front and rear seats give ultimate comfort
  • Rear seat provides support to rider’s back


  • Lacks the studs and Conchos

5. Senkauto Black Bobber Solo Seat – Harley sportster seat compatibility

Senkauto Black Solo Seat is a brand new seat made with soft, black, and synthetic leather. Therefore, it gives an old-fashioned look to your Harley Sportster bobber chopper. Plus, the leather material make-up adds resilience to the seat for high durability.

With the neoprene foam, great levels of comfort get enhanced. Hence, you can ride for long distances with the utmost fun. Moreover, the seat pack comes with a seat pad and bracket base. As a result, you will find it super easy to set up with no tools. However, the bracket base may need some adjustments to fit in some models.


  • Built with strong leather and steel base to last long
  • Quality neoprene foam gives comfort
  • Easy to install since you don’t need any tools
  • Gives perfect fit


  • It may not fit well on some models

6. Mustang Tripper Solo Seat – Best two-piece seat version with Tripper passenger seat

Lift up the comfort of your Harley Sportster with this two-piece solo seat. It has a Tripper passenger seat that gives it a stylish and popular Day Tripper seat. Other than that, this seat lets the rider sit a bit lower and further back. So, you can ride solo or with your partner on a sleek and low-cut seat with great comfort.

Besides, this seat fits well on the 2004 – 2020 Harley Sportster models with a 4.5-gallon tank for better fitment. Moreover, this seat has a front width of 11-inches to give a perfect fit. The seat has high-quality construction. Thus, you can rely on it for ultimate and lasting performance.


  • The sleek design makes it look attractive
  • Allows rider to sit lower and further back for great comfort
  • Fits on most Harley Sportster 2004 – 2020 models
  • Great quality for durability


  • Fits on only on Harley Sportster models

7. HTTMT Front Driver Solo Seat – A best wide seat for Harley Sportster

The HTTMT MT500-004 Solo comes as the best wide seat with a total seat length of 28-inches. Plus, the front and rear seat width measurements of 10 and 7-inches, respectively. As a result, the rider can haul over long distances with style, fun, and ultimate comfort.  Also, this aftermarket brand has its whole structure designed for comfort.

You will find it with synthetic leather and ABS plastic materials. Therefore, it guarantees to give you not only ultimate comfort but also lasting use. Furthermore, the seat is available in up to ten different colors. Hence, you can choose the best one to suit your desires. Another cool thing about this seat is, it is easy and stress-free to install. If you have a Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200X 48 72 model, this exclusive seat would be the best pick.


  • Aimed to offer superb comfort levels
  • Synthetic leather and ABS plastic material promotes durability
  • Many colors to choose with ease
  • Easy to set up with no instructions or tools needed


  • Lacks padding

What things to consider when choosing these Harley Sportster seats

As a rule of thumb, comfort is a must for any rider. And, this all depends on the type and quality of the seat you are riding on. For years now, the popularity of Harley Sportster seats has been increasing daily. This is due to the ultimate comfort and style they give. However, today, finding the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster is quite hard. Fortunately, we have identified vital factors to consider when choosing these bike parts.

Seat size and shape

The seats for Harley Sportster come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Thus, it is crucial to measure the length and width of your current seat. After that, match the scopes with the seat cushion you intend to buy. Other than size, most seats have irregular shapes. They are often narrow in the front and wider at the back. The chief thing is, to choose the best seat size and shape that will fit well on your bike.

Material used

What materials make up the seat? Will it give the desired comfort and durability? You need to try to ask these when choosing the most comfortable seat for your Harley Sportster. The material construction defines how comfortable and strong the seat is. A variety of materials make up a bike’s seat. 

The materials used to make the seat include leather, neoprene foam, ABS plastic, and more. Steel and aluminum metals make most base brackets for many seats. So, consider their quality and find one that will give you great comfort and last long. Additionally, it should be waterproof yet with great ventilation for extra comfort.

Riding position

The way you ride relies on the design and height of the seat. You will find some that are quite thick while others are thin. This depends on the brand and quality of material construction. One with thicker padding tends to raise high, thus increasing the height for riding. Whereas, a seat with thin padding tends to be low and gives a low-cut riding position.

Add-on features

We all like bike products with included extra features, right? They play a huge role in giving extra comfort, style, and look. Are you looking for the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster? Of course, yes, you will need to check out one with a backrest. The add-on features will give you extra support to the back for a comfy long ride. However, you need to know that such a seat will come at quite a higher price. Thus, you need to consider your budget needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove the seat from my Harley Sportster?

Removing the seat is pretty an easy task with a Philips screwdriver. With the Philips screwdriver, take off the bolt that attaches the seat to the rear fender. Then, grip the seat’s rear part and raise it above the rear guard. After that, tweak the seat to move away from the gas container. This will free the front seat from the catch slot on the frame. Finally, lift the seat out of the frame and place it away.

What is the best material for the Harley motorcycle seat?

Leather and foam materials are common materials used in most Harley motorcycle seats. They provide ultimate comfort and durability. Besides, the seat frame and base brackets often have steel or aluminum metals. Most importantly, the material of the seat needs to be of high quality for better performance.

Which seats are comfortable for Harley Sportster?

Many things make a seat comfortable. It depends on the style, add-on features, and material it has. A comfortable seat needs to have quality and soft materials. Plus, one with a padded material cover may be the best for giving you ultimate comfort. The addition of the backrest feature will give extra comfort.

Should I consider back support?

Yes, you should. A seat with a backrest will support your backbone on long rides. Thus, you will have a safe ride with no back pains. And enhance your general health conditions. However, most of these seats come with hefty prices; hence you need to consider your budget needs.

How long can it take me to get used to riding on a comfortable seat?

Ideally, it should not take you a long time to get used to a comfortable seat. However, the time may vary depending on the nature of the rider. If you are a casual bike or horseback rider, you should get used to it faster. You can learn by sitting on the new seat for at least an hour each day. This may take you a few weeks to get used to it slowly.

What extra features would I need?

You may need a backrest to support the rider’s back and armrest for the passenger. A rider footboard heel guard may offer storage space for your accessories. And, full-length rider running boards can work well.

Will a Dyna seat fit on a Sportster?

No, because Dyna seats only fit and are interchangable with other Dynas. But not on a Sportster and wide Dyna glides. 

Are Harley Davidson seats leather?

Yes, but not all. You may find other seats with ABS plastic, foam, and other materials. However, a large number of them have leather construction as they add durability.

Final Word

A comfortable seat is what you need for a long day ride. A good Harley Sportster seat should be well designed with a great style. Besides, it should have high-quality materials for durability. Plus, it needs to be cost-efficient and comfortable. All you need to do is make proper and well-guided choices.

To this end, we promise you the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster with the best quality. They will make your long hauls much more fun and enjoyable. Besides, our rich buying guide and FAQs will help you narrow down your choices with ease. Best of luck!

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