5 Most Comfortable Harley Touring Seat

Whether you’re driving on long touring rides with your Harley motorcycle, the best comfortable touring seat will help you feel the expected comfort. The most comfortable touring seat allows the backrest to riders. Also, it protects the rider from back muscle pain, fatigue in the hands, and saddle sores.

But when it starts uncomfortable riding with your Harley touring seat? When the seat may start sacking or wear out until it no longer provides the much cushion you need. However, we’ve shortlisted the best five for you to simplify your searching for the most comfortable Harley touring seat.

What are the Most Comfortable Harley Touring Seats?

Choosing a flexible design with a high-quality cushion seat is a crucial task. A too high seat can cramp your legs and cause pain in your lower back. However, a perfect seat offers a straighter leg position and proper tilting of your pelvis.       

We have researched everything about Harley Davidson touring seats. So, what is the most comfortable Harley touring seat? Here are our 5 most comfortable Harley seats for you.

  • Mustang 79556 Super Touring Harley Seats- Most comfortable touring seat for Harley
  • Saddlemen 806-04-172RD Harley touring seat- Most comfortable Harley seat for the passenger
  • C.C. RIDER Leather Rider Passenger Seat- Most comfortable seat for Harley street glide
  • DANNY Airhawk Longhaul 21-412DAIR Seat- Best motorcycle seat cushion for Harley
  • XMT-MOTO Hammock Rider Seat for Harley- Most comfortable Harley Electra Glide seat

5 Most Comfortable Harley Touring Seat

1. Mustang 79556 Super Comfortable Touring Harley Seats

The Mustang 79556 super touring one-piece seat with driver backrest is the most comfortable touring seat for Harley. This cool touring seat has a super flexible design that gives you plenty of options for its usage. This seat is 2 inches higher than the stock seat.

However, it is very easy to install, just a few installation hardware is required. The seat has a front width of 17-inch to ensure that you have adequate seating space for a comfortable long ride. Mustang 79556 super touring Harley seats fit most Harley Davidson touring models from 2008 to 2021.

What do we love?

  • Most comfortable touring seat for Harley touring.
  • No studs.
  • Great for rider’s backrest.
  • Comes with the required mounting equipment for easy installation.
  • Well-spaced seat and is easy to adjust for a comfortable long distant ride.
  • Chrome and black appearance give elegance to your model.
  • Quality material construction for comfort and durability.

What we don’t?

  • Expensive.
  • No rain cover.

2. Saddlemen 806-04-172RD Harley touring seat

Saddlemen Step-Up LS Seat starts as a two-in-one versatile piece. It has an engineered design that gives both the rider and passenger ultimate comfort. It’s a fantastic touring seat combining an ultra-foam and a Gel Core interior design to make a dense foam giving an excellent balance of rigidity and rider’s compliance for a comfy ride. Besides, the mixture of black and red stitching makes this seat look amazing on your bike.

The ultra-foams crafted with a unique moulding process give an element of resistance, including the self-skinning process, which seals the foam from getting damaged by water. This promotes both the seat’s durability and comfort. The Saddlemen Step-Up Seat fits well on most Harley Davidson touring models.

What do we love?

  • Super easy to install thanks to instructions and mounting nut included.
  • It gives a distinctive look to your Harley.
  • This unique seat has a quality two-up seat for front and rear riders.
  • Ultra-comfortable for the rider and passenger on long rides.
  • Stitched with ultra-foam for both comfort and durability.

What we don’t?

  • The seat is too close to the tank.

3. C.C. RIDER Leather Rider Passenger Seat

Do you want to update your Harley Davidson, especially Street Glide models seat? Then, this C.C. branded leather rider passenger seat would be the best choice for you. This touring seat features easy installation and great comfort for your touring bike. The bucket seat features let you sit perfectly. Also, it protects the tailbone from harsh road impacts. However, this aftermarket leather seat is perfect for tall riders.

Considering this touring seat is affordable, expect to get the highest value. If you want to get the best out of this unit, getting an extra recessed passenger seat is the best thing. They complement and work well with the in-built driver backrest. You can also pair a matching standard to create a comfortable riding experience for two. In addition, with the regular passenger seats extending forward, you can enjoy extra lumbar support.

What do we like?

  • Designed with style and quality materials for both durability and comfort
  • Excellent width gives adequate space to sit with comfort
  • A perfect driver backrest enhances ultimate back support
  • Easy installation thanks to the included user instruction and mounting hardware

What we don’t?

  • Little higher than the regular seat height.

4. DANNY Airhawk Longhaul 21-412DAIR Seat

DANNY GRAY 21-412DAIR seat has a design geared to give riders ultimate comfort. The extra-wide sitting surface gives adequate space for a perfect sitting posture. Backrest support included complements the comfort this full seat gives. This makes it the best seat for long hauls on your Harley Davidson touring models.

The touring seat features two inflatable air cells to offer excellent cushioning. As an exclusive seat, it integrates the Air Hawk’s Comfort Seating System. This results in a more custom design while at the same time, increasing comfort levels. The DANNY GRAY 21-412DAIR Seat brings all the convenience and versatility you desire.

What do we like?

  • A perfect cushioning and well-functioning air system ensures incredible comfort
  • Top-notch quality materials with excellent design make it look awesome
  • Easy to install with only a few tools required
  • Built to last giving the rider back support for a healthy riding experience

What we don’t?

  • The backstitching part sometimes feels uncomfortable.

5. XMT-MOTO Hammock Rider Seat for Harley

Touring for longer distances tends to be tedious and causes pressure on your spine. The driver backrest included in this seat helps relieve you from such back fatigues. You will have a much more enjoyable tour while riding. Thanks to the XMT-MOTO Hammock Rider Seat, which tends to be enough for a comfortable sitting posture.

However, this unique seat is specially designed for the Harley Davidson Electra Glide style.  

What do we like most?

  • Great value and very comfortable.
  • Although the seat materials are synthetic leather, foam, iron, and P.P. plastic, it feels like real leather.
  • Low budgeted price
  • Easy to install

What we don’t?

  • It is not waterproof
  • This seat is not ideal for short riders.

Things to Consider When Buying the Harley Touring Seat

If you look around, you will find it hard to differentiate which seat can suit your touring desires. This is due to the plenty of options available. This guide will discuss the main things to consider when buying touring seats.

1. Comfort

First, the level of comfort you desire to get is what drives you to look for the best touring seat. This determines the level of satisfaction with longer rides. No one would want to buy a seat that starts to hurt their butts in no time.

Most manufacturers use their expertise of gel pad, foam, or a blend of both—this aids in enhancing ultimate comfort on their seats. Gel-made seats tend to work great under pressure and are easy to move. Check for extra features like backrests for extra comfort. Consider such touring seats whenever you buy them.

2. Material Quality

The quality used to make a touring seat forms a foundation for durable performance. It determines how much you will spend or save in the long run without compromising comfort. Low-quality materials tend to start sacking in exposing you to unbearable discomfort.

A touring seat crafted with high-quality materials like powder-coated steel will last longer. The seat cover also matters a lot in providing comfort as well as durability. Most of them have polyester, leather, and vinyl, among others—leather is known for durability and is highly-priced.

3. Size

The rider’s seat tends to be broader than that of the passenger. Most stock seats have dimensions unsuitable for a comfortable ride and style. The size and width of a touring seat need to have great width for both the rider and passenger. This gives both of them a unique space for an appropriate sitting and riding position.

So you should choose one with a suitable size and width for reliable performance. A touring seat lower than a standard seat will give you an easy time getting off the motorcycle.

4. Backrests and Armrests

Touring long distances can be quite tedious and may result in backaches or fatigue. This prompts you to take a stop and relax before continuing with your journey. A seat with a backrest allows you to rest while on the ride giving it an added advantage.

Some touring seats come with foldable, adjustable, or removable designs. All are meant to suit the rest needs of both the rider and passenger while enhancing their touring experience. For the armrests, they give incredible comfort to the passenger for an enjoyable tour. 


Q. What is the most comfortable Harley touring seat?

It depends on the model. However, Mustang 79556 Super Touring Harley Seats are the most comfortable touring seat. Besides that, we meant that a motorcycle seat should be well padded, with dense foam, gel cushions, or air cushions. Its cover should also be soft and made of materials like vinyl, polyester, leather, and others. And, it should have adjustable features and an appropriate size as well.

Q. Are Harley seats interchangeable?

Harley seats get interchanged if the Harley bike models match the fitment requirements. For other models, swapping Harley seats won’t happen.

Q. Are stock Harley seats leather?

No. Stock Harley seats have a plastic body construction. A few of the aftermarket seats have a halfway leather make-up especially on the top surface while the sides consist of plastic materials.

Q. Between gel cushions and foam materials, which one is better?

This is a common question most riders ask. The gel material gets displaced when pushed with high pressure, which means that the seat’s shape and appearance change. Foam-made material gets compressed upon applying pressure. A gel is ideal for high-strength, thin applications on the seat, whereas exceptional quality foam is best for comfort.


Having an upgraded seat on your Harley Davidson bike comes with plenty of benefits. It changes the appearance of your motorcycle and customizes your touring experience. Consider vital factors such as size, comfort, quality, backrests, and your budget ensures. All the above 5 most comfortable Harley touring seat boasts a higher position on the market. They have excellent reviews, ratings, and top-notch and satisfying performance. So you can be confident to choose one that meets your requirements.

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