How to Install Harley Passenger Seat – Best Method

The seat is a vital component of your bike. It protects the rider’s tail bones from the shocks of a rough ride. You might be wondering how to install the Harley passenger seat, possibly because it’s wearing out, or maybe you want a new look. If changing it has been a mirage, this article comes with your help.

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What Are the Basic Harley Seat Styles?

One-Piece seat: One-piece seat is one of the most popular factory seat designs. However, solo Harley seats do not allow the rider to carry along a passenger. This kind of seat has both a slim and wide fit for the riders. If you are keen on a popular Harley seat, Mustang 79556 One-piece seat(Amazon) is the trend now.

Two-piece seat: The seat comprises two sections, a solo and a pillion pad. If you have a seat, you can opt to ride along alone or pack a little gear at the rear part of the bike. What’s more, you can also have some company at the back. The demand for a two-piece seat heavily depends on seat comfort, design, and supports. This style of seat has more options to pick the right one.

Extended solo: This is a solo seat with an extensive tail that lies on top of the fender. This extension gives this seat a classic look on your bike. It is well padded should you decide to take along an impromptu visitor. Especially, tall riders get some advantage from this type of seat position. However, sometimes in choosing many get confused between one piece and extended solo. There, Mustang 76067 super touring seat (Amazon) is one example. Moreover, this is also perfect for the Harley Davidson solo touring seat.

Sprung saddle: The sprung saddle has a spring separating the seat pan and the bike’s frame.  The springs act as shock absorbers when you’re riding on bumpy roads. This kind of seat lifts you off the spring, and you can customize the springs for more comfort.

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How to Install Harley Passenger Seat

Whether you’re replacing or just revamping your bike, you’ll first need to figure out how to remove the stock seat. Even if you are thinking about how to install a solo seat on a Harley, the guideline is the same. So, depending on your seat type, most Harley seats have the front of the seat sliding into the corresponding frame slot. The back part of the seat bolts to the fender.

Most Harleys’ rear bolting uses a quarter-inch nut—the nut bolts down on the different drilled attachment points on the fender. The attachment points should match your type of seat. The nut’s fastener is at the attachment hole, where you can then use a screwdriver to fasten your seat. Here are the summary steps:

  1. Determine the type of seat you want to install, either one-piece, two-piece, etc.
  2. Measure your Harley bike’s fit and locate the position of your attachment hole where you’ll tighten.
  3. If the hole doesn’t match, mainly because the seat is longer or shorter, remove the fastener and correspond it with the nut’s hole.
  4. Using a screw, like Amazicha black (Amazon) or a nut driver, drive the nut into the seat and the fastener.
  5. Squeeze the front of the seat so that it slides into the bike’s seat frame.
  6. Enjoy the ride on your new seat.

N.B. Although it is very easy to install if you are uncomfortable you can contact a professional. Happy riding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you remove a Harley seat?

Removing is easier if you understand how to install the seat. The first step is locating the rear bolting nut that attaches your seat to the bike’s fender. When you find it, bolt it out using a nut or screwdriver. The front part of the seat is usually slid into the bike frame, and therefore, you’ll only need to pull it out extensively but smoothly.

Q. How do you fit a motorcycle seat cover?

To fit in your motorcycle seat cover, first, remove the seat. Then, take the cover you want to fit on your bike and roll it to match the seat. Smoothen it so that it is in line with the seat. There are different types of covers, with some using stretching material to pull and match the seat’s shape. However, some may need you to drill into the seat’s frame.


Harley seat installation may be a pain in the neck, especially if you’ve never done it before. It happens if you’re replacing it with a longer or shorter seat than the stock. However, with the clarity of understanding in this article, it should be fast.

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