How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Motorcycle

Most parents don’t permit their children to get a motorcycle, as they consider it an instrument of death. However, it’s a time and cost-saving transportation that obviously has some impressive necessities. But what if your parents are strictly against riding a motorcycle? How to convince your parents to let you get a motorcycle?

Though every child knows a special way to convince their parents, they must be smart and intelligent, particularly to get permission to ride a motorcycle. In this case, some useful tricks include informing about distressed travelers, gathering motorcycle riding skills, and promising safe riding.

Read on to get a list of smart tricks to convince your parents to let you get a motorcycle without being forced or worrying about danger.

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Motorcycle

How do I convince my parents to buy me a motorcycle

There is a proverb that says “being a mother means always having a heart live outside the body.” The same thing is also true for the father as well. When it comes to getting permission to get a motorcycle, they worry about danger. So instead of arguing with them, follow these smart tricks to convince them and get the best reward:

Make a Special Travel with Them

Parents have golden hearts, and they don’t tolerate the pain of their children. To convince them of your motorcycle, ask them to accompany you to work or college. Travel with them on a busy day in a busier bus and make sure it lasts quite for long.

They should feel your trouble and may permit you to choose the most comfortable ride to join the class or work.

Be a Smart Kid

You’re planning to convince your parents, as they think a motorcycle isn’t SAFE for you. So you must do something so they can feel you are responsible enough and can handle the motorcycle safely for positive purposes. In this case, start taking Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)-approved riding lessons and reading proficient motorcycling and street strategies books.

First, take a group lesson and then a private lesson to show your smarts to your parents. In addition, spend plenty of time learning how to ride a motorcycle to convince your parents that you can ride a motorcycle safely.

Despite this, assure them you’ll always wear proper safety gear like a leather riding jacket, boot, gloves, riding pants, and heavy-duty helmet to relieve their stress and re-consider their decision.

You should also request that they purchase a 125 to 250-cc motorcycle with power and weight that you are comfortable with. This will prove your intelligence to them.

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Understand the Basic of Motorcycle

Honestly, riding a motorcycle increases some risks. According to UK statistics, riding a motorcycle is 29 times riskier for a fatal accident than driving a car. Hence, it requires more agility, focus, and mental skill. So research the basic principles of the motorcycle, how it operates, and the risks related to it. This information will not only reduce the risk of riding a motorcycle but also let you convince your parents by explaining your awareness.

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Solve Their Doubt

Since your parents mainly focus on the negative and won’t permit you to get a motorcycle, convince them with some positive facts. Perhaps they don’t know motorcycles are impressively advanced now. Most of the latest bikes include ABS and traction control for safer riding.

Compared to cars, motorcycles offer better fuel economy while beating the traffic and relieving stress. Modern bikes are 60% more fuel efficient than cars while their road tax and insurance is also cheaper. Even so, bikes take up much less space in the driveway or garage for parking and are suitable for faster communication. If you can help your parents realize these points, hope they’ll ask you the brand name of the bike you want.

Don’t Ask for a Motorcycle Rapidly

Don’t ask your parents for a motorcycle in a hurry, as this will disturb them instead of convincing them. Prepare a good plan and keep applying the plan gradually. To avoid annoying them, you can write a decent script and have a conversation with them when you have time.

In addition, you can include motorcycle topics in your everyday topic so they can understand your dream.

What If Your Parent Still Don’t Budge?

parents won 't let me buy a motorcycle

Some people have intuitive reactions to bikes and nothing can persuade them to think positively about riding. In this case, consider the alternatives. Remember, the amount of satisfaction you’ll get from riding a bike won’t surpass the negative worries they’ll feel for you after permitting you.

And leave it for now. Changes are one day; your parents will change their minds and surprise you with your favorite motorcycle.

Till then, don’t give up. Keep trying to help them think your way by showing them the MSF course and your dedication to safety. In addition, listen to their reasons why they don’t want to permit you to ride a motorcycle and work on those points. Your target is to settle those worries or reasons.

For example, if your parents are concerned about speed, promise them that you’ll ride slowly and carefully and ask them to buy a 125-cc bike, which can’t run fast. Following this, try to convince them of all your points, and hopefully, they’ll ultimately say “YES”

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1. How old should you be to get a motorcycle?

According to the law, you must be at least 14 years old to obtain a motorcycle license from authorities, though some states allow you to ride bikes once you reach the age of 16. It also needs to pass a driving exam to get permission. In addition, the rider should be a minimum of 3 feet tall or able to reach the handlebars.

2. Should you be strong to ride a motorcycle?

In general, it doesn’t require much strength to ride a motorcycle. There are numerous motorcycles available that can accommodate riders of various sizes and shapes. However, the rider must be able to balance the bike on his own, mount it without help, and maintain a firm balance while riding.

3. How heavy should your first bike be?

A beginner or small rider should pick a motorcycle that is between 300 and 400 pounds. It should also be ergonomic and include a low-height seat. However, you can opt for a 1,000-pound bike for long rides.

Final Words

Convincing parents of something is a bit difficult as they always think with heart while you are presenting logic. Learning how to convince your parents to let you get a motorcycle is all about inducing them emotionally.

It means you must clear their doubt about your ability and reduce their fear with your dedication and promises. Hope this article gives you enough points to work on so you can get a permit for a motorcycle. In the end, life is the most precious thing, and don’t put it in danger by following useless trends.

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