How to Choose a Motorcycle Battery- Best Tips

Motorcycle batteries provide the energy that the engine uses to start and run. Choosing the ideal battery is a rough road that’s full of pitfalls. The effect of making a mistake of choosing a poor battery accumulates its fair share of problems. Moreover- disrupted rides, high maintenance costs, and loss of money are also there. So, in this article, we will discuss how to choose a motorcycle battery. Let’s dive in.

Motorcycle Battery Types

Before choosing batteries, you need to know the logic dictates evaluations of the batteries. In the motorcycle world, there are three types of batteries.

1. Conventional Motorcycle Battery

It is also known as a lead-acid motorcycle battery. You can quickly notice them through the plastic stoppers on the top. So, the number of stoppers often determines the number of volts the battery can produce. Three stopper batteries produce 6 volts while the six stoppers produce 12 volts.

2. Maintenance-free Battery

These batteries come with the acid separately. Maintenance-free batteries store the electrolyte in a low-moisture paste that recombines with hydrogen. And, the batteries come in either black, blue, or grey casing. AGM motorcycle batteries are maintenance-free batteries.

3. Gel Motorcycle Battery

Gel batteries that contain gel acid. And they are sealed and do to require topping up. Like maintenance-free batteries, pressure recombines oxygen and hydrogen into the water for neutralization. The electrolytes are in a gelling agent casing that keeps them in the same state. Therefore, the acid doesn’t need topping up.

6 Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Battery

Here are the step & tips to light to use when purchasing.

Check the recommended model

Firstly, you should check the model of the stock battery you are using currently in your motorcycle. Then, search for an exact replacement that matches the model and the dimensions and specifications of your battery. A matching replacement saves you from the issues that may accumulate because of buying a differing model of low capacity.

Consider the lifespan of the battery

This is where most bikers go wrong; all motorcycles do not have the same lifespan. The lifespan range of most batteries is three to five years. The lifespan depends on the level of care you take when handling your bike. Proper handling guarantees you up to six years of existence. One of the don’ts that can affect your battery life is letting your battery die.

The battery warranty is vital

Does a manufacturer’s warranty back your battery?  The warranty has a dozen benefits, most of which you’re familiar with. The most obvious one is that they will get your item replaced if it damages within the warranty. Just like any other purchase, some batteries can have faulted, some of which you can’t evade by simply looking at them. A warranty keeps you within the safe triangle.

The climate around the battery

Riders living in Florida require batteries that have longer life as the region experiences high temperatures. Heat is a major killer of batteries in a motorcycle. Exposing your battery to temperatures higher than 1300  reduces its life faster than you could ever think. The optimum temperatures that work best for your battery are 750. If you’re in a hot region, looking for a long-life battery would be best as it will stay vital for some reasonable time.

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Consult your battery dealer

Nothing is much more valued than expert advice when buying an item. Similarly, consulting an expert for recommendations would be thoughtful and wise. Such a battery dealer would also be in a position to provide or sell you a perfect match. Although this may be more costly than buying online shops, it is undoubtedly worth it and reliable. Also, visiting the auto-parts store would be a great idea as they may help you install it and boost you with some maintenance tips.

Check customer reviews

Reviews are critical as they present the idea of which battery model is the most reputable. Most customers who have had bad or good experiences with the different types will write reviews to curse or recommend the products. Take time to evaluate their experience before making the final choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what battery I put on my motorcycle?

Yes, it does. Professional riders should never be quick to ignore which motorcycle battery to install in their bikes because different models work well with varying bikes. Faulty batteries can leave your bike moving slowly, and therefore, be keen to choose the ideal match for your bike.

What is a good CCA for a motorcycle battery?

Cold Cranking Amps are the amps a 12-volt battery produces in 30 seconds when the temperatures are at 0 degrees. The higher the CCA, the higher the capability to start a bike that has been idle for a long time. Choosing batteries with higher CCA is important to riders who live in cold areas.

Are gel motorcycle batteries better?

Yes. Gel batteries are better than conventional batteries, mainly when used in a motorcycle. The gel batteries are small in size. Bikes need a powerful battery, but that occupies a small space.


As simple as most riders may assume, batteries play a critical, if not pivotal, role in your bike. They help you ignite the bike and power the essential components of the motorcycle. Therefore, taking extra caution when choosing your purchase is wise. Using the above factors, you’ll make an informed purchase.

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