What is the Average Cost of a Dirt Bike?

Average Cost of a Dirt Bike

Are you a motocross racing lover? Now start loving Ricky Carmichael! Just a couple of years ago, those questions were floated in California. Today, maybe you are afraid of Freestyle motocross, but you still love the dirt bike. Thus, the average cost of a dirt bike became a frequent asking question everywhere.

The dirt bike’s average cost varies depending on a few factors like quality, type, engine power, and age. However, a new one will cost you roughly $8,000 to $12,000. And even if you take it up as the best pick, there are ways to do that on a budget.

Average Cost of a Dirt Bike?

The average cost of a dirt bike is generally between $6,000 to $10,000. Popular branded dirt bikes cost an average of $8,000 to $9,000. Compared to mountain bikes, which cost between $400 to $800, these are more expensive. Dirt bikes are designed to travel quickly over short distances and accelerate quickly. They are ideal for flat-land, dirt track, and motocross racing.

  • Cost of 125cc Dirt Bikes for Beginners- around $3,000-$4000.
  • The average cost of 250cc Dirt Bikes for Intermediate Riders is – $8000-$9000.
  • Cost of 450cc Dirt Bikes for Advanced Riders- $9500-$10000.

How Much Does 125cc Dirt Bikes Cost?

  • Yamaha TT-R125LE cost- $3300
  • Suzuki DR-Z125SL cost- $3100
  • Honda CRF125 price – $3,199

How much 250cc Dirt Bikes Costs?

  • KTM 250XC bike cost- $8799
  • Kawasaki KX250 cost- $8300
  • Yamaha YZ250 dirt bike price- $7799

Cost of the Popular 450cc Dirt Bike?

  • Yamaha YZ450F- $9,299
  • GasGas MC450F bike price- $9,399
  • Kawasaki KX450 cost- $9,399

What Are The Popular Types Of Dirt Bikes?

As we know, dirt bikes run cross-country over rough terrains like dirt, mud, and rocks. Usually, these bikes are lightweight and intended for off-road riding. Thus, the majority of designs have rugged tires and suspensions.

Off-road motorcycles, also called Dirt Bikes, are eight types depending on their attributes. However, dirt bikes come with two-stroke and four-stroke engines and a variety of characteristics, but they are popular in four types.

  1. Motocross Dirt Bike
  2. Trail Dirt Bike
  3. Enduro Bike
  4. Dual Sport Bike

Other types are-

  1. Adventure Bike
  2. Child Dirt Bike
  3. Electric Dirt Bike
  4. Supermoto Bike

Who Are The Most Reliable Dirt Bike Brands?

Our roundup of the best dirt bike brands is here if you’re looking for something more affordable. See the top 5 reliable dirt bike brands’ names below.

Note: The standard dirt bikes, of course, have engines ranging from 50cc to 140cc.

  1. Yamaha
  2. Kawasaki
  3. KTM
  4. Honda
  5. Suzuki

These dirt bike brands are well known for motocross and cross-country and come with 125cc two-stroke, 250cc two-stroke, 250cc four-stroke, 450cc four-stroke engines, and 1000cc.

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