How Much Does A 250 Dirt Bike Weigh? Find Out Here! 

The weight of dirt bikes is lesser than many other types of motorcycles. This is due to their light aluminum components, small frames, and no dash, indicators, lights, or side stands. But how much does a dirt bike weigh? Especially, how much does a 250 dirt bike weigh?

The weight of a 250cc dirt bike or any other bike for that matter differs from brand to brand and model to model. Don’t worry, you will still get a solid idea about what to expect regarding the weight of your dirt bike.

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How much does a 250 dirt bike weigh?

dirt bike weight

The 250 cc dirt bikes are somewhat in the middle of the spectrum. They have both much better counterparts as well as much less capable counterparts. The ideal riders for 250 cc dirt bikes are the intermediate to advanced ones. Bikes with such engine capability are slower than the more powerful 450 cc dirt bikes.

One of the advantages that you can count on from this bike is its small and very light characteristics. The approximate weight of 250 cc dirt bikes ranges from 218 lbs to 300 lbs. However, to get a better idea about the weight of some popular and specific 250 cc dirt bikes, check out the list below. This list contains weight in both pounds and kilograms. The list will help you compare the popular 250cc dirt bikes and choose the one that fits your weight requirement.

Bike NameCurb Weight in KGCurb Wight in lbs
Honda CRF250F120265
Yamaha WR250F115254
Kawasaki KX450 X112246
Yamaha YZ250FX111245
Kawasaki KX250 X109240
KTM 250 SX-F Troy Lee Designs*109240
Honda CRF250RX108238
Kawasaki KX250107237
KTM 250 SX-F*107235
Husqvarna FC250*107235
Gas Gas MC250F*106235
Yamaha YZ250F106234
Suzuki RM-Z250106233
Yamaha YZ250X104229
Honda CRF250R104229
Husqvarna TC250*104229
Gas Gas MC250*103228
KTM 250 SX*103228
Yamaha YZ250103227

The above table gives you the weight of some popular 250 cc dirt bikes that you can compare to find your preference. Bikes of some manufacturers are lighter than others. All 250 cc dirt bikes in the list have their curb weight listed.

If you don’t know what curb weight is, then keep reading to find out.

Curb weight

A bike needs multiple fluids to run, which are typically not included when you buy it. And the curb weight refers to the bike’s weight with all the fluid in it. So, the curb weight is calculated when the bike has a full gas tank, water, coolant, oil, and anything else required for it to run. The fluid requirement may vary depending on the engine of the bike and its model and make.

Typically, most manufacturers list the dry weight of the dirt bike, but many brands are realizing that the dry weight doesn’t really offer useful information for the riders because they won’t be riding the bike dry.

Because of this, many manufacturers are listing the wet or curb weight of dirt bikes.

Dry weight

Dry weight, on the other hand, offers much more useful insight for the racer community. A bike’s dry weight means it’s the weight of only the bike, and this weight does not include any oil, gas, or any other fluids that are required for the bike to run.

Manufacturers typically list the dry weight of a new bike on their website. However, some brands have begun to list the curb or wet weight. And since the amount of fuel varies in the fuel tank, most of them list the wet weight without the fuel weight.

Weight of different dirt bikes

dirt bike weight chart

All types of dirt bikes weigh less than other types of bikes or motorcycles, but, since there are differences in dirt bikes, there are differences in their weight.

Trail (Cross Country) vs Motocross (Race) Bikes

A trail bike and a race or motocross bike of the same brand will seem identical to the inexperienced eye. This is because both of their parts are mostly the same but they are designed with different riding styles in mind.

The design of the trail bike offers more comfort on longer rides on forest single tracks or mountains. That’s why they are equipped with a softer suspension. Also, possibly with a wide-ratio gearbox.

On the other hand, speed is demanded from the motocross bike on the race track. It also needs to be able to quickly accelerate out of turns and endure massive jumps and not bottom out. Motocross bikes also come with lower gearing with a closer ratio.

As you can understand, demands are different for a trail bike and a motocross bike. And compared to trail bikes, motocross bikes are likely to be lighter. The trail bike tends to be heavier due to the addition of a headlight, and a kickstand and might be an electric starter.

2-stroke engine vs 4-stroke engine

Generally, a dirt bike with a 2-stroke engine weighs slightly less compared to a 4-stroke dirt bike of the same size. This is because a 2-stroke engine has fewer moving parts that can add weight. A 2-stroke engine doesn’t have any rockers, valves, cam chains, and camshafts.

There are no dissimilarities between a 2-stroke dirt bike and a 4-stroke dirt bike besides the engine. To help you better understand the difference in the weight; the Yamaha YZ 250 comes with a 2-stroke engine and weighs 103 kg or 227 lbs and the Yamaha YZ 250 F is equipped with a 4-stroke engine and weighs 106 kg or 234 lbs. See the difference? Both of them are 250cc motocross bikes, yet they differ in weight because of the engine.

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Why the weight is so important on a dirt bike?

The performance of a dirt bike is greatly impacted by its weight. If you pick a dirt bike that’s weight is not suitable for your weight, you won’t be able to enjoy the full experience. Also, the performance of the bike won’t be optimal for you.

A dirt bike that doesn’t match your weight class is likely to move slowly. This is because the bike won’t have adequate power according to the rider.

A 250cc dirt bike is an ideal choice for someone whose weight is less than 150 pounds. And for someone whose weight is greater than 150 pounds, he would be better off with a dirt bike with 250cc to 450cc engine. One thing to keep in mind is that the dirt bike is not a good choice for inexperienced riders. 

How to make your dirt bike lighter

how much does a 250 dirt bike cost

Less fuel in the tank

When you are racing, you don’t need a full tank of gas. Because it is highly unlikely that you will run out of gas before you cross the finish line.

You can still figure out the length of the race and what sort of mileage you can achieve on the track. Then, fill up your dirt bike accordingly. The amount of tank you leave out unfilled will make the bike that much lighter. So, if the track won’t require a full tank, just fill your gas tank with the required gas and your bike will be much lighter.

Use Titanium parts

Replace the replaceable parts of your dirt bike such as screws, bolts, and nuts with titanium parts. The downside to these upgraded parts is the cost. It is no surprise that titanium parts are going to cost a good amount of money. So, you should consider and compare your cost and benefits and then whether the upgrade is suitable for you.

Use lighter plastic

Dirt bikes have plastic parts. So, your bike might have the plastic it came with or you have replaced them for aesthetic reasons. Whichever it is, you can change them with lighter versions of plastic. You can find specific plastic that is made for racing. They are much lighter and add minimal weight and they are aerodynamically shaped.

Apart from weighing less, they also look amazing and shape your bike in a way that it resists the air less when you are going at a high speed. However, these perks will cost you some good money. So, it’s up to you whether you are ready to spend some bucks to make your dirt bike lighter.

Replace the exhaust

Replacing the exhaust is one of the most common and obvious choices when it comes to making your dirt bike lighter. The exhaust is typically made of stainless steel or aluminum, which adds a good amount of weight to the bike. The good news is you can replace it with titanium to lessen the weight.

Now, you might be wondering “isn’t aluminum lighter than titanium”? Yes, it is. So, wouldn’t the exhaust made out of titanium be heavier? No.

See, if the exhaust made out of aluminum and the one made of titanium have the same exact measurement, then the lighter one will be the one made of aluminum.

But the titanium exhaust will be lighter because it isn’t built like the aluminum one. Titanium is much stronger, meaning the built of titanium exhaust can be different, thinner, and lighter in specifications. Therefore, making the titanium exhaust lighter than the aluminum one. 

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1. Which one is the lightest 250cc dirt bike?

The Husqvarna FC 250 is one of the lightest dirt bikes out there with a weight of 217.8 pounds.

2. Does a dirt bike’s weight assure more speed?

It is not possible to answer this directly. A lightweight bike can be swift, but the speed depends mostly on how the rider pilots it.


If you were wondering how much does a 250 dirt bike weigh, now you got your answer. There is no exact number because dirt bikes from different brands and models also differ in weight. However, the average weight of 250cc dirt bikes is between 218 lbs and 300 lbs.

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