How Much Are Motorcycle Tires?

All we know, a motorcycle tire is a normal suspension source. Also, it provides balancing and turning of a motorcycle. But, mainly, the tire generates the required longitudinal forces for propulsion and braking of a vehicle system.  

Thus, when tires get damaged or worn out, you must consider replacing them. So, the bottom line of this replacement is how much are motorcycle tires? Depending on the quality, they come in different types and models. We broke it down in more detail for you right here. Stick with us.

How Much Are New Motorcycle Tires?

Normally new motorcycle tires range from $55 to $258 or more. It is totally up to you to decide which tire to buy based on different brands, specifications, and needs. Marathon Ultra Rear Motorcycle tire is mentioned here in the highest range.

What is the average cost of a motorcycle tire change?

Well, the truth is changing tires costs varies by state. Moreover, front tire replacement costs less than rear tire replacement. However, it takes $80-$100 to change both motorcycle tires on average. You can also change your single tire for $40 to $50.

Note: Some shops may demand additional charges for balancing, weighing, and mounting tires.

Can you change tires on a motorcycle by yourself?

Yes! You can. You will need a few hours with some tools and energy to make it happen. However, it is easy to change the front tire, but changing the rear one is more challenging for a motorcycle.

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Top 5 Motorcycle Tire Brand Name

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make my motorcycle tires last longer?

For the long service life of your motorcycle wheels and tires, there is no other wonder than ensuring sufficient air pressure, correct wheel alignment, recommended load capacity, and avoidance of direct sunlight.

Q. Should I buy cheap motorcycle tyres?

Cheap motorcycle tyres are great and worth buying. But only if you choose the right one.

Q. What is the best motorcycle tire brand?

From my experience, Michelin’s motorcycle tyres are the best. They are the best manufacturer of rear tire motorcycles. Michelin pilot road 5 is my worth pick.

Q. How long will my motorcycle tire last?

Depending on the model and type, a motorcycle tire does not last more than 10 years.

Q. Can I use worn-out tires?

You can use it. But damaged tires are dangerous for driving and prone to fatal accidents.


So, how much do motorcycle tires cost? Maybe you have already gotten the answer. However, I would like to inform you that new brands of tires are coming into the market nowadays. Therefore, prices may be lower or higher than our noted average price.

Hence, we recommend changing them as fast as possible if you have faulty tires. Happy riding!

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