How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Electric car batteries typically last for more than five years. However, battery longevity mainly depends on proper maintenance, right charging and good service support. Generally, it’s better to replace after every three to four years. So how long do car batteries last? 3 to 5 years. Besides this, you should know when to replace your car battery.

Because nobody wants to be stuck with a dead battery, meanwhile, turning the ignition and nothing happens might ruin your day.

How Long Does A Brand New Car Battery Last?

It’s tough to give a definitive answer about how long a battery will last because many variables exist. But if you ask around, you’ll get a variety of replies about the new car battery lifespan. The truth is that a battery in certain cars can last up to five or six years. But, inversely, it can be damaged more diminutive than the average lifespan.

Another aspect of regular maintenance is the replacement of your electric vehicle’s battery. Therefore, the battery in your automobile should be replaced every three to four years on average. Again, checking and inspecting Lithium-ion batteries for service visits is a good practice.

What Shortens the Life of a Car Battery?

Firstly, your driving habits and where you live are essential in determining battery replacement. Secondly, excessive vibration kills the normal life cycle. So now, let’s have an eye on what shortens the life of a car battery.

• Your battery’s life expectancy will automatically reduce if you don’t use it.
• Your battery will suffer if you don’t drive your car very often or take it out for short distances.

Note: Consider driving a scenic route or going on a road trip once in a while to help extend the battery’s life.

• When you’re driving, you should be careful not to leave the power on when the ignition is off. Specifically, this can soon kill the battery if an interior light or ignition remains on.
• It’s also important to think about the weather where you reside. For example, your battery will wear out more quickly if electric motors live in a temperature above 90 degrees year-round.

What Are The Weak Car Battery Symptoms?

A weak car battery means that your battery is low, delivering less performance and gradually dying. So suddenly you will find your car won’t start. However, there are certain indicators that your battery needs replacing before this failure. So here are 5 usual signs of a weak battery.

  1. A slow-to-start engine
  2. Dim headlights
  3. Slow crank
  4. Extreme temperatures & backfiring
  5. Bad smell with corroded wires.

Briefly, a weak battery will result in a longer engine cranking time and slower ignition. So, extra start-up time is one sign. The same goes for your interior lights. When the battery or battery fluid is low, a dashboard light that looks like a battery will illuminate. Yet, the damage is another symptom to watch for. You’ll be able to tell if your battery is broken or worn out by its appearance. It has a harsh sulfur scent so that you may notice it occasionally.

How To Extend Your Car Battery Life?

Already you know that car battery capacity typically lasts three to five years. But still, you can help to extend the lifespan. Here are five simple strategies to help extend its longevity.
Note: These simple strategies can help you. We choose short outlines but depth understandings.

1. Check the voltage of your battery on a regular basis.

2. Keep your battery clean.

3. Avoid using electronic equipment when your car’s engine is off.

4. Drive your car at least 30-minute once a week.

5. Maintain a regular servicing schedule for your vehicle.

Complimentary Guide: How to clean your car battery?

Car Battery Related FAQs

Q. Can A Car Battery Go Dead From Sitting?

Yes. Car batteries will die if the vehicle is sitting for a long time. The battery not only runs when the car is moving. It self-discharges over time. However, an automobile contains a lot of accessories, such as a radio, air conditioner, and clock. Therefore, the battery will self-discharge with those wires, which will result in it dying.

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Battery?

Different factors influence the cost of a new battery. A new automobile battery can cost anything between $45 to $250, depending on the brand, battery power, energy density, battery type, size, and quality. However, standard car battery sizes are available from 24 to 75. These batteries’ average costs are between $40 and $90.

Last Words

I am sure you now know how long a car battery ages. Also, no driving can kill the original capacity of a battery. So, how maintaining it safe is always important. Point to be noted, during the cold weather, you may not drive. But make sure your car battery is kept warm & cosy and ready to use after the winter.

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