History of Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson bikes became American icons with a great history. Initially, they started in the early 1900s. So in 2021, many young led questions, How old is Harley Davidson? It has been just 11.8 decades or 118 years. Although they started early, the first model was completed in 1903.

So now you surely want to know who are the founders of Harley Davidson.  William S. Harley, William A. Davidson, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson. But when you stand on the question like, Who built the first Harley-Davidson? William S. Harley comes first and then the Harley brothers.

If you want to read this story on book then Harley-Davidson: The Complete History is for you.

It might be new info for you, but don’t worry, we are in detail here. Well, now enough of Intro 101, let’s go to the history.

Total History of Harley Davidson

In making a “motor-bicycle” after the initial testing, there occurred a severe problem in climbing. How? Without pedaling assistance, they are unable to sit. However, Harley and the Davidson brothers held their nerve. After a couple of months, they improved the machine. Now they had a loop-frame design with a bigger engine. In 1904, in a local motorcycle race, their entered bike placed fourth.

They appeared in the Automobile and Cycle Trade Journal in January 1905. They were developing a new model and engines at the same time. May 1905. They were being produced at the time. They made five, and Carl H. Lang of Chicago, the first Harley-Davidson dealer, listed three of them as sold.

Following the success of their motorcycles, the Davidson brothers and Harley-Davidson opened their first plant in 1906. Currently, this is the headquarters of Harley-Davidson. So it’s better to say, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States is the corporate headquarters of Harley Davidson and the first factory as well. Now they produced 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles in the factory.

Expanded the factory to the second floor, and Harley-Davidson get also incorporated in September.  In that year, H.D. produced 150+ motorbikes and started selling to U.S. police.

From then they do not need to look back. However, new models were introduced regularly, and the factory gets expanded. On the other hand, demand for Harley-Davidson gets increases day by day.

In terms of American history, Harley Davidson is an iconic brand. Read American History (Amazon). In First World War, this iconic company served over 20,000 motorcycles to the U.S. military. Also, they played an essential role in World War II again. In total, they delivered over 90,000 motorcycles for both wars. US Army-Navy gave Harley Davidson two “E” Awards for that kind of work after the war.

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No one can argue that the demand for the Harley Davidson brand has been rising for their innovation and quality motorcycle. Although the supply of motorcycles during the war is a historical and outstanding commitment for Harley, they never compromised with high quality.

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