Harley Davidson vs Honda: Which Motorcycle?

You are definitely looking for a motorcycle that is more reliable than others. However, the always a popular and heated argument in motorcycle brands, who is better? Especially, the choice often comes down to Harley Davidson vs Honda.

Well, before you put a deposit down, you need to consider some comparisons between these top two brands. First, Harley always has an edge in the competition for its customization style. In comparison, Honda is famous for introducing engine technological developments. Also, Harley mainly focused on cruising bikes while Honda has variations (Superbike, Street bike, Sports bike, Scooter).

This article will reveal the winner between Harley and Honda motorcycles. Also, it will help you make the best decision. So, stick with us.

Honda vs Harley Motorcycles- Which Bike is Better?

It really depends on your ride. From the experience of most bike riders, different opinions about these brands have been given. However, a Harley is a great bike. It’s louder, higher quality, and can handle any terrain. Honda is one of the best motorcycles on the market. In comparison, they may be cheaper than Harleys. But in the speed category, Honda wins.

Let’s have a look at Harley Davidson FXDR 114 and Honda CBR1000RR. Harley Davidson FXDR 114 top speed is around 160 mph or 258 kmph (Est.). While Honda’s CBR1000RR top speed is 186 mph or 299 kmph (Est.). At this point, Honda is better than Harley Davidson.

Honda CBR1000RR top speed

But how about the control? The Harley controls are easier to use than the Honda controls. Also, the Harley gears are more flexible to shift than the Honda. More on Honda versus Harley?

  • Honda has loads of plastic. However, the Harleys are all metal.
  • Honda gets better mileage than the Harley by about ten miles per gallon.
  • This Harley oil and filter is easier to change than the Honda.

Now, Harley or Honda? We recommend Honda if you want to have a sports bike. Besides this, Harley cruiser motorcycles are good for commuting.

Honda vs Harley Meme

You may have seen a lot of memes on websites between Harley and Honda. But you have to understand; that there is a lot of misconception. Personal choice is above all. Sometimes, it’s less on Harley vs. Honda, more on Harley vs. Japanese bikes.

Harley and Honda General Comparison

Why is Harley-Davidson better? Harley has made a strong reputation by inventing high-driven air-cooler added engines with shifts over 1700CC. However, mainly they are better for high-quality, durable, stylish, and top-class motorcycles. As an American company, Harley Davidson specializes in classy motorcycles. For example, the Street Glide, Road Glide, and Electra glide are some of the best touring models made by Harley.

Where is Honda better than Harley? Honda is exceptionally better than Harley Davidson in price and technology upgrading. Because Harley is expensive and lacks the latest technology.

Why are Honda motorcycles so famous? Honda is a leading and prominent Japanese company that deals with a wide range of automobiles. However, they mainly manufacture motorcycles, automotive vehicles, and power generators. Most importantly, Honda spends lots of money on research and upgrading their technology since they seek to improve their bikes’ quality, comfort, and performance. Although, they are still improving on powerful engines, famous worldwide.


Q. Is a Harley Davidson motorcycle more reliable than a Honda motorcycle?

Unfortunately, not! Since a Harley motorcycle needs maintenance costs and extra care. That is why Japanese motorcycles. So, what is the most reliable motorcycle? Honda is more reliable. Yet, they have almost a trendy look by including style and character. Although Harley’s engines have the ability to create more rotating power, they tend to be slow.

Q. Are Harley Davidson bikes worth buying?

Definitely, Yes! Harley motorcycles have designs meant to give riders vital comfort. This starts with the entire frame’s appearance, finishes, and style. Moreover, some Harley cruisers have armrests and backrests, hence giving both the rider and passenger incredible back support while on a ride. Besides that, they have large and powerful engines that have good performance. Thus, the Harley cruisers have high prices for those riders who buy on a budget.

Well, it is because of their market and sales policy. Why? Because Harley is a great American brand. And there is no alternative to Harley Davidson. So, Honda had to consider itself on other parts, e.g., price range. Moreover, it adds up-to-date technology to most of its models. Thus, they aim to improve their bike’s act on the road, comfort, and reduce their prices.

The Harley’s body structure brags a classic style and accuracy. Plus, plenty of classic Harley cruisers have peanut-like fuel tanks and tons of chrome. Moreover, their rear tires look very big with some coming with stylish seats, armrests, and backrests. As for Hondas, their design suits a normal rider since it doesn’t fit in all the extras the Harley models have. Hence, they are much cheaper than Harley.

Q. Are Harleys difficult to ride?

No. Most Harleys come as low-riding cruisers with low-profile seat riding. So, you will get the comfort and relaxation you desire while on a ride. Moreover, their seats are tacked with leather and have saddlebags to give you extra comfort while riding.

Wrap Up

Above all, both brands have been on the motorcycle market for a long period. Therefore, whether you decide to buy a Harley or Honda, nothing will be wrong. Subsequently, they all come in unique types and new cruisers in spite of their vast disparities. If you match the motorcycle sales, Honda is far ahead of Harley because it offers cruisers at affordable prices, which results in higher sales. Harley Davidson motorcycles fit a specific market that can pay huge prices. However, a large part of their motorcycles is stock with large shift engines of over 700CC.

To sum up, our Harley vs Honda comparison brings you in-depth facts. So, you can quickly compare and narrow down your choice to the model that suits your style, design, and budget. Finally, it would help if you first study your riding goals.

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