Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Chart

A decent tire will always keep your motorbike wheels from rubbing against the trail. The air pressure in the motorbike tire is critical for this. So, without a question, you’ll want the greatest motorcycle tire on your Harley Davidson. Aside from that, you’ll need to know the right tire inflation chart.

The tire air pressure of every motorcycle depends on the outside temperature. You’ll see a properly inflated tire air takes up more volume at hot temperatures in a car. But, on the oppositely, the air takes up less volume in the cold temperature. So, what for a Harley Davidson?

Depending on the season, Harley-Davidson recommends 36 psi in the front tire and 40 psi in the rear in cold weather. Oppositely, in hot climates, recommended tire inflation for the front tire is 32 psi and the rear 36 psi.

This article will expound more on the Harley Davidson tire pressure chart. Read further to find out the HD tire pressure guide.

What PSI should Harley Tires be?

PSI stands for Pounds Per Square Inch. Depending on the tire and season, a rear tire’s air pressure should be +4 psi than the front. Sometimes the tire air pressure difference between the front and rear can be +2psi or even +6psi. However, most Harley-Davidson motorcycles are equipped with Dunlop tires, and recommended tire inflation in the cold is 36psi(F) to 40 psi(R). Therefore, in the Harley tire pressure chart, you will see maximum inflation is in that range.

For example, what is the tire pressure for a Harley Sportster? We recommended maximum tire pressure for the Sportster is 30-32 PSI for the front and 36 PSI for the rear tire.

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What Is the Correct Tyre Pressure of Motorcycle?

So, what the correct tire pressure or psi for your motorcycle is a clever call. The motorcycle tire inflation pressure may vary from 28 to 40 psi. First, check your vehicle’s manual book or tire information panel. If you need to know just check the rear frame of the front wheel.

Harley Davidson Tire Pressure Data

Recommended Tire Pressure for Harley Davidson

You should always keep your ride in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, you never know when you’ll come across a flat tire, and it can cost you a lot of money to fix. Harley Davidson has put out their guide to finding the correct tire pressure for your bike. Check out your Harley’s tire air pressure.

The tire air pressure of Harley-Davidson Street Glide is in the front 36psi, and the rear is 40psi.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special recommended front tire air pressure is 36psi and 40psi in the rear. This bike looks awesome and comes with some special colors. 

Electra Glide tire inflation is 36 psi for the front and 40 for the rear.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy– Front and rear tire pressure is 36psi- 42 psi.
Harley Fat Bob- Front and rear tire pressure is 36psi- 41psi.

Harley-Davidson Forty Tire air pressure recommendations for eight models are 36psi (F) and 40psi (R).
Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special tire air pressure recommendations: 36psi (F) and 40psi (R). The front tire of the Harley Iron 883 model is 30 psi, while the rear tire is 40 psi.

Harley-Davidson Street Rod, front tire air pressure is 32psi and 36psi in the rear.
HD Road King, front & rear tire air pressure is 36 psi- 40psi.
Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom tire air pressure- front tire is 30 psi, and the rear tire is 36 psi.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider tire air pressure is 32psi-36psi in front and rear.

Harley SuperLow front and rear tire air pressure is 36psi to 42psi.

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic tire air pressure- 36psi (F)- 40psi (R)

HD DYNA recommended tire air pressure is 36psi (F) – 42psi (R)

Harley-Davidson FXDC SUPER GLIDE tire pressure is- 30psi in front and 36psi in the rear tire.

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 tire pressure


1. What Is the Right Tire Air Pressure for Harley?

In most cases, when the air pressure in the rear tires remains 4 psi higher than the pressure in the front tires, it seems to be the right balance. However, it’s usually overinflated when the tire pressure is 6 PSI higher than Harley Davidson’s recommended tire pressure.

2. What Happens If Tire Pressure Is Under Underinflating or Overinflating?

According to tirerack.com– When a tire is underinflated, it loses its form and becomes flatter than planned while in contact with the road. And an overinflated tire is hard and unyielding, with a smaller footprint in touch with the road.

3. What PSI Range Dangerous?

Exceeding the maximum tire pressure range is always dangerous. In contrast, a little bit low level is not a concerning issue. But it can be risky when the tire pressure is more than 7-8 PSI. So we recommend not to try more than the +6psi against your model limit for Harley.

4. What Air Pressure Affects Motorcycle Handling?

Sluggish handling and excessive tire temperatures might arise from low pressure. Too much pressure can cause the middle tread to wear down, reducing grip and making the ride harsher than normal.

5. How to Check Tire Pressure?

Step 1. Put the tire’s air valve cap away safely.
Step 2. Press the tire gauge gently on the open valve stem within seconds. Make sure air hisses naturally.
Step 3. Check air pressure with Slime Tire Pressure Gauge.
Step 4. Compared it to your recommended tire pressure.
Step 5. Now adjust the air pressure.

So, looking for more about how to check tire pressure?

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