Dirt Bike vs Mountain Bike – Things You Should Know

The dirt bike offers speed, impressive sounds, and a fantastic experience. If you are an adrenaline junky, then choosing a dirt bike is the one for you. Mountain bikes offer pleasure and adventure at the same time. They are light, comfortable, and easy to operate. They also have a near-perfect handling system enabling you to enjoy the ride. So, what is the difference between Dirt Bike vs Mountain Bike? Stick with us.

Mountain Bike vs Dirt Bike

There are several differences between dirt bikes and mountain bikes. They include differences in weight, maintenance cost, body movement, price, and brake location. Despite the differences, they are all exceptional bikes but with different functionality. Here we go-

Weight Comparison

The first thing you will notice about these two bikes is the weight difference. As expected, dirt bikes are way heavier than mountain bikes–thanks to their complex parts. The weight range of a mountain bike is 20-75 pounds compared to a dirt bike’s 200-275 pounds.

Bike weight plays a significant role when it comes to bike functionality. Since mountain bikes are lighter than dirt bikes, they are pretty easy to maneuver. 

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Unlike mountain bikes, dirt bikes are costly to maintain. This is because dirt bikes have many intricate parts. For example, while mountain bikes have a simple crankset, dirt bikes have complicated engines.

The engine requires regular oil changes and service. The frequency of service depends on engine design. Also, two-stroke engines need frequent service as compared to four-stroke engines. Also, note that the Dirt bike’s spare parts are pretty pricey compared to the mountain bike.

This doesn’t mean that mountain bikes need no maintenance–it’s quite the opposite. Mountain bikes also need regular checks and service. In fact, it needs frequent drive train adjustment compared to dirt bikes. You may also need to conduct routine inspections for the brakes, suspension, and tires.

Body Movement Comparison

Another notable difference between these two bikes is the operational body movement. For example, moving your weight forward while on a mountain bike gives you better control. The same technique can improve your performance when jumping, cornering, and wheeling. These body movements are not as productive when using dirt bikes.

Price Disparity

For pricing, mountain bikes are cheaper than dirt bikes. The cost of a brand new mountain bike varies from $1000 to $10,000. The dirt bike price range is $6000 to $12,000. It is harder to buy a mountain bike compared to a dirt bike. This is because of the wider price range and marginalized cost.

Power Mechanism

As mentioned earlier, the propulsion component between the two bikes is different. Mountain bikes are pedal-operated, while dirt bikes are engine operated. Therefore, you use more effort on a mountain bike compared to a dirt bike.

Sound Difference

Mountain bike produces little sound, enabling you to be aware of your environment. You can listen to the magnificent nature voices.

Dirt bikes are loud and noisy, making you lose touch with your surroundings. All you hear is the buzzing sound of the revving engine.

Some dirt bike fans cherish the sound the bike makes. To them, it is music to their ear and contributes to the excitement.  

Brake Positioning Difference

The other significant difference between mountain and dirt bikes is brake positioning. Dirt bikes have their rear brake on the right footpeg. The location of the front brake is on the right handlebar close to the throttle.

Mountain bikes’ rear and front brakes are on the right and left handlebar. This can confuse riders who use both bikers. The front brake for a dirt bike is the rear brake for a mountain bike. To avoid this problem, you can change the braking system on your mountain bike. Let the front brake be on the right and the rear brake on the left.

Distance Covered

Dirt bike can cover 40-60 miles per day while mountain bike does 10-25 miles/day. The above information makes dirt bikes the best option for long-distance riding.

Wrap Up

While we are talking about differences, both of them are great for cross-training. Whether you are on a mountain bike or dirt bike, wishing you a great journey.

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