Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Every bike rider should invest in motorcycle safety gear to maximize the protection of the most vulnerable body parts, whose damage can be irreversible. For example, a broken neck or spine can lead to permanent disability. The percentage of accidents is increasing because of reckless driving and the rising number of vehicles. In addition, adherence to the law can reduce the number of accidents and help save lives.

However, this article will find the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents that lead to injuries and death. So, what is a major cause of death in motorcycle accidents? Here, we highlight the major reasons and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of Roper Safety Gear

A motorcycle accident can often be most unforgiving since, unlike a car crash, you’re not protected by the seatbelt, the body, or airbags. 

However, riding with proper safety gear will significantly reduce the risk of an accident. The following safety gear will protect you in the event of a crash.

  • Worth noting, that head injuries are the leading cause of severe disability and, in worst cases, death among motorcyclists. Therefore, the rule of thumb for every motorcycle is to wear a helmet. First of all, it’s against the law to ride a bike with a helmet. Secondly, wearing a helmet guarantees optimal protection on your head should you get involved in a crash.
  • Another safety gear is motorcycle gloves that protect your hands against bruises.
  • Other safety equipment includes a body shield or a motorcycle jacket specially padded to protect the body, arms, shoulder, and elbow. As well, these have protectors and are designed to keep cool even in hot weather. The jackets work airbags and therefore cushion your body against an impact caused by a crash.
  • Safety boots are a must-have motorcycle gear because they come equipped with great safety features. Generally, these comprise leather material to provide great friction, thereby protecting your feet. When choosing the right boots, also consider those that offer ankle protection and comfort.
  • You should not also forget to wear motorcycling goggles. Even though they are stylish, they also protect your eyes against dust, debris, and harsh weather elements. Ensure you have clear goggles so that you can have a clear view of the road.
  • Elbow guards are essential protective gear that protects your elbows in case of a crash.

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2. Lack of Experience

Most people involved in motorcycle accidents are young riders with little experience. As a rider, you shouldn’t try to imitate experienced motorcyclists. Instead, you can keep a moderate pace, look around and pay attention to priorities like intersections and roundabouts.

3. Over Speeding

Over speeding can cause an accident, especially in populated areas like cities or where the road has bumps, cracks, or potholes. Even for experienced riders, it’s essential to follow the speed rules in your state, town, or city. You may not have time to apply the brake at a very high speed, leading to a loss of control.

4. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Drinking while driving or on the handlebars is a significant cause of motorcycle accidents. In addition, consuming alcohol can lead to poor sight, sensitivity to light, and an altered notion of distance. It can also lead to slow-motion reflexes and drowsiness.

If you drink alcohol, be sure to use a breathalyzer to see if you are fit to drive. If the blood alcohol test is positive, do not ride your bike, as doing so is an offense that can lead to license withdrawal.


The above information comes from extensive research and years of experience in riding. The best way to avoid this common cause of motorcycle accidents is to drive at an appropriate speed. Also, there are many reasons to commit accidents, every rider should be aware while driving.

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