Why Toyota Has Stopped Producing Motorcycles

why toyota has stopped producing motorcycles

The demand for motorbikes has increased during the past ten years. As a result, manufacturers provide a variety of alternatives. These alternatives range from small-capacity sports bikes to large-capacity touring-oriented versions. Small-capacity bikes are the most common category in India and other Asian markets. These machines are in high demand due to their cheaper operating … Read more

AGM vs Lead Acid Batteries- Details!

AGM VS Lead Acid motorcycle Battery

Choosing between AGM and Lead Acid batteries is a worthwhile discussion to have. According to experts, the greatest alternative to lead-acid or flooded batteries for your motorbike is Absorbed Glass Mat, a maintenance-free battery. Because- AGM batteries often have a longer lifespan than typical lead-acid batteries and also these batteries have a longer shelf life than … Read more

Are Motorcycles Cool? Explained

Are Motorcycles cool?

Let’s go back to 1885 when Gottlieb Daimler[Wiki]and Wilhelm Maybach[Wiki] designed the historical motorbike in Germany. Motorcycle popularity has continued to rise since then. Notably, the absolute madness of motorcycles started in the 20th century. Nowadays, people find motorcycles as their coolest vehicles on earth. So, are motorcycles cool? Definitely, a big yes. Even the … Read more

How Long Do Motorcycles Last?

How Long Do Motorcycles Last?

Motorcycles are essential to modern life. So keeping them running with high performance and longer lifespan comes first. So questions like ” how long do motorcycles last?” and “what is the average lifespan of a motorcycle?” usually play in your mind a little longer when you buy a new motorcycle or an old one. First, … Read more

How Much Are Motorcycle Tires?

How Much Are Motorcycle Tires

All we know, a motorcycle tire is a normal suspension source. Also, it provides balancing and turning of a motorcycle. But, mainly, the tire generates the required longitudinal forces for propulsion and braking of a vehicle system.   Thus, when tires get damaged or worn out, you must consider replacing them. So, the bottom line … Read more

6 Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders in 2022

motorcyclist gifts

Bikers have always been big fans of motorcycle gadgets and accessories. Thus, gifts for motorcycle riders always have something special for them. So, surprise them with unique and special motorcycle gifts, whether you have a dearest one or another who loves motorbikes. You can definitely brighten up their faces by getting them our best gifts … Read more

Are Ape Hanger Handlebars Dangerous?

Are Ape Hanger Handlebars Dangerous?

Usually, people with back problems may prefer ape hangers to handlebars, making them look like they are riding a lower-down bike. However, it helps people stand up instead of making them want to hunch over. Also, it reduces the stress on your hands and arms and your shoulder and back. But leaving everything behind, the … Read more

Homemade Carburetor Cleaner- Wash Your Curb Now!

Homemade Carburetor Cleaner

The carburetor is one of the constituent parts of the bike’s fuel system. Due to the huge presence of moving elements, it becomes heavily contaminated during the combustion process, affecting the power unit’s stability. So, the question comes to how often should you clean the carburetor on a motorcycle. Minimum once a year but better … Read more

DIY Motorcycle Shed- Build Your Own Bike Shed

DIY Motorcycle Shed

Your motorcycle requires regular maintenance to stay in good condition and give you value for money. In order to save time, it’s important to protect it when not in use. The solution is undoubtedly to construct a motorcycle shed or shelter. With the help of materials and readily available tools, you can put up a … Read more

Cardo Vs Sena: Rivalry of The Best

Cardo Vs Sena

Cardo and Sena are undoubtedly the leading devices in motorcycle helmet intercom systems. And Cardo Vs Sena – their rivalry is purely on who comes with the best technology first. However, these two devices have outstanding features you cannot find on ordinary helmet intercoms. If you are looking to communicate with groups of three and … Read more