3 Best Windshield for Road Glide: Safeguards of Your Body

Best Windshield for Road Glide

A good windshield keeps drivers and their passengers safe. Also, it protects motorcycle riders from scratches, snow, dirt, dust, debris, and sun damage and dissipates the wind. Windshield exists in different heights, sizes, shapes, and types. So whether you’re looking for the best windshield for road glide or you just want new, read on to find out which one is right for you.

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Why do you need the Best Road Glide Windshield?

Some riders like the feeling they get from the flushing wind, but many consider this a hitch during riding. That’s why a windshield comes in.

Usually, strong breezes make driving difficult on highways. However, steady wind strikes cause arm strain, combat fatigue, and back pain. A windshield helps to deflect the wind hitting your chest area. Also, it ensures comfortable and enjoyable driving. So, why do you need the best road glide windshield? Because the best windshield can mitigate air turbulence and particulate matter off to you.
Note: windshields can cause buffeting, harder steering, and limited visibility. So, check the good height and right placing before installing a new windshield on your Road glide.

How tall is the stock windshield on a Road Glide? Where should a motorcycle windshield be?

Do you know how tall is the stock windshield on a Road Glide? Where should a motorcycle windshield be? Well, the correct stock windshield height on a Road Glide is 15.5.” But it may vary with the height of riders. However, it should be placed 2”-3” above your line of sight. Make sure your windshield remains on the horizontal level of the tip of your nose or slightly below the eye.

What are the best windshields for Road glide?

Here, you will get the 3 best aftermarket windshield options for sliding down the road. Let’s check the list first.

Reviews: The Best Windshield for Road Glide

A significant number of our riders have opted for some windshields in the market. According to our intensive research, we have 3 Best Windshields for Road Glide. Let’s dive in.

1. Klock Werks Patented FLARE Windshield – Best Windshield for Road Glide

This comes as a Sport Flare model and features an ultra-streamlined structure with radical curvaceous. This doesn’t only make your road glide look super beautiful, but also offers an unbelievable ability to re-direct turbulent air around the rider and passenger while giving an uncompromised comfort.

It supplements the lines of the new fairing with an aggressive profile to enhance improved air management. This offers ultimate stability and handling to the rider for a better riding experience on long hauls. The Klock Werks FLARE comes in up to six different finishes to give you a more extensive range of colors to choose your favourite one.

The robust coated polycarbonate material construction makes this windshield strong and durable. This windshield for road glide is a 14-inch sport size to perfectly fit on the 2015 to 2019 Harley Davinson Road Glide while offering the best height of view to the rider and passenger.


  • Super easy to install with simple steps to follow
  • Quality performance with excellent air redirection
  • The dark smoke finish makes it look marvellous
  • Built to last longer thanks to the durable polycarbonate material


  • It doesn’t sit flat at the bottom

2. Klock Werks Sport Flare Windshield – Best Windshield for 2013 Road Glide

This version from Klock Werks Flare for 1998 to 2013 Road Glide comes next as an original windshield of its style. It looks impressive and performs exceptionally, leaving most riders everywhere surprised and impressed. No wonder most of them curiously and passionately look for it. The innovative design encompasses a wind tunnelled structure and a hips-like shape at the shield’s outer edge. This brilliantly re-routes air to add downforce to the front part of the bike.

It’s made to help improve stability while offering a stock shield during riding. With its top flip part, the wind is effortlessly kicked upwards and backwards, providing a fresh, clean, and less turbulent air suitable for the rider and passenger. It comes predrilled to give you ample and easy time to mount it using the stock windshield hardware.

One great thing about this Sport Flare Windshield is that it is designed to be cost-effective. Thanks to the solid Lexan Polycarbonate combined with the FMR firmly molded materials that offer unmatched durability to the flare.


  • Easy to install thanks to the preinstalled design
  • Offered in multiple heights, tints, and colors for meeting user’s selection needs
  • Ultimate air re-routing performance


  • It’s costly hence not ideal for users with a tight budget

3. Memphis Shades MEP86010 Windshield – Best Windshield for 2015 Road Glide

How does it feel when you ride on your fancy road glide with a flare that lets you look over it? Wonderful, right? Thankfully, the Memphis Shades Windshield for the road is typically designed for that. It features an innovative spoiler windshield sized 6-inches to effectively diffuse a stream of air over it while at the same time slowing the flow speed without buffering.

It has an aircraft-grade Lucite material build that makes it not only durable but also enhances excellent visibility. This makes it a pretty enjoyable and safe riding experience that other standard windshields provide. Its made in the USA and utilizes the OEM hardware to ensure perfect fitting on Harley Davidson road glide 2015 to 2016 models.

When it comes to tints, the Memphis Shades Windshield offers you a variety of shades to choose your preferred one. It comes in dark smoke, solar, ghost, and with visibility light transmissions of 30%, 85%, and 72%, respectively. This gives it a custom style and adapts appropriately to different riding conditions.


  • Stylish design for top-class performance
  • Super thick layered with durable construction
  • A wide range of shades for different riding conditions
  • Effortless to install


  • Fits only 2015 to 2016 road glide models

Buying consideration for the Best Windshield for Road Glide

Here, we have the following factors that you need to consider before buying a windshield for your Road glide or others.

1. Material used

The material used to construct the windshield matters a lot. It determines how long the product will last and the ability to see through it. For your featured wind shade to last longer, it should be premium quality and thickly layered materials that offer great strength and resist UV lights. So, choosing the one made from hard FMR coating and polycarbonate material can be a pretty good idea. Although it may tend to be costly, you will be assured of durable performance.

2. Design

Windshields for road glides come in different kinds and designs with major ones, including the long, over-look, touring style, and sport-touring shields. Their curvature, heights, and functioning tend to vary significantly giving various shapes to add style to the bike. The degree of curving determines the air turbulence patterns – whether upwards, sideways, or towards the rider and passenger.

3. Size

The size of a windshield dictates how best it will fit on your road glide. You will find these windshields in different sizes to fit specific road glide models. Nothing is more disappointing than spending money on a shade that will never fit well, making it hard for you to sit on your bike.

To avoid such inconveniences from happening, you need to measure your featured windshield. This will help you to determine if it will fit perfectly and accommodate your heights or not. If you are buying online, it will be imperative to measure the mounting board and choose one with the matching size without blocking your vision.

4. Tints

Another crucial thing you need to consider is the tint the windshield has. You will find some available in a variety number of shades to allow you to choose the best one. The most common shades you will find are clear, smoky, dark, light, medium, and dark grey, among others. They help in improving visibility in different riding conditions. It would be great for you to choose the best model that has several tints for optimum versatility.


Q. How do you measure a Road Glide Windshield?

You can measure the size by laying a tape measure on the front centre of the windshield from the base to the top edge windshield. This will help to determine the height that allows you to sit comfortably when riding. Then, measure the width of the windshield both at the base and centre.

Q. How tall is the stock windshield on a Road Glide?

The height depends on whether you want to look over or through the windshield. With the initial, the suitable height is the top edge of the windshield is at the tip of the nose. In most cases, it will give you about 2-inch to see over it. The latter, an ideal height, is where the top edge of the windshield is about 2-inch above your line of sight.

Q. How to maintain and clean a Windshield?

Cleaning and maintaining your windshield is pretty essential. First, you need to lay a soaked rag over it to soften and loosen any dirt and grime. Rinse using running water, and wash it carefully to remove all irritating dirt and grime. Rinse again and let it dry using a 100% dry and scratch-free cloth like microfiber.

Q. What are the different types of windshield glass?

Mainly there are two types of automotive windshield glasses. 1. Laminated 2. Tempered. However, three grades of windshields glasses. 1. Aftermarket glass (AG) 2. Dealer Glass (DG) 3. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Q. What are the benefits of a Windshield?

Installing a windshield on your road glide will mainly give sufficient protection from harmful wind or anything that could harm both the rider and passenger while riding. It adds style and elegance to the bike while offering stability at higher speeds. It reduces wind noise and turbulence for the rider and passenger while giving cleaner airflow.


It is essential to understand that not all unique kits can function in the required way. We advise you to consider factors like size, material durability, design, tints, and, most importantly, your budget. Our list above of the best 3 windshields for road glide features high-class quality with top-notch performance guaranteed. But from them, we experienced better with Klock Werks 15″ Windshield for 2015-2021 Road Glide.

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