Best Tracks for Go-Karting in Tampa & Nearby

The best part is that you don’t need to buy a go-kart to enjoy the thrill; Tampa has several incredible tracks where you can feed your urge for speed. It’s perfect for people who have never done it, but it’s not just a fun day out. Most people think go-karting is a good way to get started on the road to becoming a good driver. There are both indoor and outdoor tracks in the Tampa area. Here is a list of the Best Tracks for Go-Karting in Tampa.

What are the Best Tracks for Go-Karting in Tampa?

  1. Tampa Bay GP
  2. Grand Prix Tampa
  3. Pro Karting Experience

#Tampa Bay GP- The Best Indoor Go-Kart Racing in Tempa


12350 Automobile Blvd Clearwater, FL 33762 ( Clearwater / St. Petersburg)

3404 Cragmont Drive Tampa, FL 33619 ( Tampa)

Go Website: Click here for more updates.

Costing: 1 Race: $16/Adult, $12/Juniors; 3 Races: $39/Adults & $29/Juniors.

Overview of Tempa Bay Gp Electric Karts:

  • Minimum Height for Karting: 48″ for Junior Karts & 56″ for Adult Kart.
  • Speed Limit: 50 mph for Adult karts & 20 mph for junior karts.

Tampa Bay GP offers the best indoor go-kart racing in Clearwater and Tampa. This location is great for birthday parties, graduation parties, and fun family days. Clearwater’s circuit is suitable for high speed with 16 laps per Race, while Tampa offers 2 tracks, one for high speed with 16 laps per Race and one for tricky bends with 14 laps per Race.

All-electric “OTL-ITALIA Karts” can reach 50 mph but may be remotely slowed or stopped to ensure everyone’s safety. Junior karts may reach 20 mph and are also remote-controlled for safety.
Even a cafe! This location is great for celebrations and indoor electric go-karting.

#Grand Prix Tampa- Best Outdoor Go- Kart in Tampa

Bring your kids to a fun place! It has a lot of other things to do besides go-karts. Mini golf is the most popular activity among visitors. Aside from that, you can have fun playing arcade games or use the batting cage to get better at hitting.

Address: 14320 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, USA.

Official Website:


  • Minimum Height: 54″ for Family Tracks & 58″ for Big Tracks.
  • For the latest ticket pricing: Check
  • Track Length: 3/4 miles for the big track.

However, they have two go-kart tracks. The “family track” is for two-seaters and solo drivers, while the “big track,” 3/4 miles long, is only for solo drivers.

#Pro Karting Experience- Cool Go-Karting in Tampa

This is the best outdoor kart racing option in Tampa, St. Petersburg. They have road course setups for a rookie to veteran drivers.

Long courses let adult karts exceed 50 mph. Their karts are single-seat, gas-powered racers. They’ll give you a helmet and kart; all you need to do is wear closed-toed shoes and sign a waiver.

Google Map Location: 3681 50th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714, USA.

Pricing: 3 Races – $59.95, 2 Races – $44.95, Single Race – $24.95. For more updates, check their official website.

Official Website:

This is your greatest option for a very affordable price, whether you’re seeking to test drive your kart or get the karting experience with their rental karts.

Note: If you are under 18, you must have your guardian’s signature.

To keep your kid safe during go-kart racing you can follow our guidelines in Tips & Guideline section.

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