5 Best Sounding Harley Touring Exhaust Review

Best Sounding Harley Touring Exhaust

In this article, we have analyzed some of the best-sounding Harley touring exhaust. Buying from any of those will not impact your extra balance.

One of the most obvious things about bikers is their love for sound. As a result of this, they end up upgrading their exhaust to ensure they sound “nice”. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably know that you must check a few features before selecting one exhaust for installation.

In our evaluation, Sharkroad Version with no baffles is the best sounding. It produces a great loud sound that grabs attention, features triple plated with a chrome finish and features a black powder coating that is heat resistant.

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Why do Riders Love a Sounding Harley Touring Exhaust?

Everyone loves the sound, and that’s what Harley-Davidson is known for. Some riders say that loud exhaust saves lives, but in reality, they don’t. Most Riders love loud exhausts because of that sound. Bikers compete for which bike is louder than the other. Also, the sound helps them grab attention.

What are the Benefits of Aftermarket Best Sounding Harley Touring Exhausts?

Aftermarkets have a lot of benefits besides creating an awesome sound when you’re driving them. Below are some:

  • Distinctive looks: If you are one of those people who love fashion and style and grabbing attention, aftermarket exhausts will do you more good than harm. Manufacturers compete on who produces the best piece.
  • Improved Performance: Aftermarket exhaust boosts the performance of your engine. The boost improves when you install a full system exhaust which is a bit expensive but worth the investment. Your engine will become more fuel-efficient than ever before.
  • Increased Power: A full system exhaust has enormous benefits. The system increases the amount of airflow in the engine, which results in two things. One, the engine consumes less fuel, and two, the amount of horsepower is optimized. Also, aftermarket exhausts present a clear way for airflow in the pipe. Thus, reducing the unwanted gases in the engine.

Tips on Choosing the Best Sounding Harley Touring Exhaust.

  • Easy Installation. The best-sounding Harley Touring exhaust is that which you can install easily without spending much. If you only want to improve the sound, go for slip-on exhaust; they are super easy to install. However, if you want a mix of sound and performance, full system exhaust should be your take.
  • Muffler: Ensure the exhaust muffler can be removed or modified. The muffler is what silences your motorcycle’s exhaust. Therefore, removing or modifying it will change how your exhaust sounds. Modification can be best when done by a mechanic, so find one.
  • Baffles: If you want the exhaust to sound louder and more profound, ensure the baffles are removable. However, the government may sue you for causing noise pollution. In the US, sounding exhausts are not allowed to exceed 80db. Just in case the government doesn’t get you, the loud sound can be harmful to your ears.

Additionally, removing the baffles changes the back pressure of your motorcycle. Therefore, if you install a full-system exhaust, ensure you do the necessary to the carburettor and reprogramme the ECM.

  •  Long Pipe: If your exhaust is loud, it should take the noise behind you, right? Consider choosing an exhaust that is at least 31” long. The exhaust will take the noise behind so that you can listen to a little bit of music.
  • Choose an aftermarket exhaust: Most aftermarket exhausts are made for sound. Therefore, It eases your work of having to modify the other parts for better sound. However, you should be keen when buying because not all headers fit aftermarket exhausts.

Features of Sounding Harley Touring Exhaust.

  • Removable baffles. The loudest exhaust features removable baffles. As previously mentioned, removing the baffles increases the sound that the exhaust produces.
  • Heat Shields. Most loud exhausts have a heat shield to protect you from the heated pipe. In as much as you want a loud exhaust, this feature helps you stay protected from burns.
  • Chrome Finish. Most rides don’t just love the sound but the looks too. Most exhaust manufacturing companies have learned this and are now furnishing the exhaust and the end tips using chrome. After all, loud doesn’t have to be ugly.
  • Slip-on. Most riders want loud sounds without affecting the performance. Slip-on exhausts are easy to install and do not take much of your time.

5 Best Sounding Harley Touring Exhausts 

1.   Rinehart – Racing Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust for 1995-2016 Harley Touring

This exhaust is a product of the Rinehart racing company. The company is reputable in making premium quality. Below are its features:

  • Produces deep and distinctive sound.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They fit on most aftermarket headers.
  • The exhaust features a chrome finish.


This Rinehart exhaust system features black/chrome end tips that complement the pipe’s chrome finish for an outstanding look. They are long to direct all the gases the engine releases further away from the rider. The long pipe also dissipates heat far from the engine for more power.


The exhaust is ideal for Harley-Davidson Touring 1995-2016. Therefore, any 2017-2021 model wouldn’t be perfect for this exhaust

2.  SHARKROAD- Slip Ons Mufflers Exhaust For 1995-2016 Harley Touring

 Sharkroad has been ensuring customer satisfaction for over 15 years.  This exhaust has the following features:

  • It features removable baffles
  • Easy installation process
  • It has a long and wide pipe
  • It comes with chrome or black end tips


This exhaust is very promising, especially if you love the sound. It produces deep and throaty bass that will leave your friends envying you. You can even remove the baffles for more sound. What’s more, it also complements your bike’s look with a plated chrome finish. The exhaust is slip-on, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about rejecting your carburettor or reprograming your ECM.


This exhaust is a perfect fit for 1995-2016 HD touring. However, it does not fit tri-glide or freewheeler. Also, it does not fit all aftermarket headers but only HD stock headers.

3.  Vance & Hines- Slip-On Mufflers Exhaust for 1995-2016 Harley Touring

Vance and Hines have been in the industry long enough and partnered with brands like Harley-Davidson for over 20 years. Here are these Exhaust features:

  • It is slip-on, therefore, easy to install
  • It has an optional quiet insert
  • Has 4” diameter and 38” length pipe
  • They have a heat shield


This exhaust, among others, features premium refinement for optimal customer satisfaction. The pipe has a heat shield that absorbs the heat to protect you from burning. Absorption of heat also prevents the pipe from turning bluish after some time. The end tip features a signature twin slash for a unique look on your bike.


The exhaust is a perfect fit for the 1995-2016 Harley-Davidson touring model.

4.  Exhaust AA- Cobra Neighbor Haters exhaust for Harley 2017-18

 Cobra Neighbor haters produce high-quality exhausts that every customer who loves sound adores. Below are some features of this particular one:

  • They are easy to install.
  • Produces a deep, loud rumble.
  • It has a wide 4” pipe.
  • The core is perforated to enhance sound.


This exhaust produces a loud sound whenever you are cruising. The sound is not only loud but also great. It has a thrilling deep rumble. The end tip bells out 4.5” to give the exhaust a more artistic design.  What’s more, the exhaust has a lifetime warranty.


The exhaust is a perfect fit for 2017-2020 touring models. They also fit the 1995-2016 models with more minor to no problems.

5.  SHARKROAD- “No Baffle Inside” Exhaust for 2017-2021 Harley Touring

 Sharkroad warns that you should keep off this exhaust if you don’t want your neighbours to hate you. It’s super loud like any super rider would love. Here are some features:

  •  has no baffles inside
  • It is easy to install.
  • Uses 16G cold rolled steel
  • Features triple plated chrome finish


This exhaust is made without baffles inside to produce a loud and rumbling sound just like you would want it. The inside part of the pipe releases gases out for more engine performance. The outer layer of the pipe features a black powder coating to make it heat resistant.


The exhaust fit the 2017-2020 Harley-Touring models perfectly. The exhaust does not fit any 1995-2016 models. Also, it may fit aftermarket headers like Vance Hines or Rinehart.

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Q. Which mufflers are the loudest?

Mufflers without baffles. The purpose of baffles is to reduce the amount of noise the exhaust creates. Therefore, without the baffles, the exhaust becomes deafening. One quick example is the Sharkroad super-loud version 2017-2020.

Q. Which is the best true dual exhaust for Harley?

Vance and Hance 46832 power duals 2009-16.  It increases your engine’s performance and, as a result, increases torque-this outstandingly improves your ride performance.

Q. Which is the most comfortable Harley to ride?

Well, this depends much on the rider’s weight, height and experience. However, if you are of average height and strength, Harley-Davidson Electra Glide will be perfect.

Q. Why are Harleys allowed to be so loud?

They aren’t. It is the riders who do the modifications. New pieces from the Harley-Davidson industry have a sound not exceeding 80db.

Q. How loud is too loud for a motorcycle?

Loudness depends more on you. However, according to the US government, any sound exceeding 80db is too loud. The government can sue you for it.

Q. What is the most comfortable touring motorcycle?

Comfort depends on the individual, among other factors. If you are considering riding performance and fuel economy, Harley-Davidson Electra Glide or Yamaha Gold Wing Tour.

Q. How can I make my exhaust sound louder?

You can replace the muffler with an amplifying one. Also, you can remove the baffles to make it rumble more.

Final words

If you love the sound, you should not go for loud exhausts but those with great sound. Great sound creates that deep bass throat that rumbles you, as the rider, to amazement. The above five reviewed exhausts provide great rumbling. Check them out.

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