3 Best Rear Shocks for Harley Davidson Touring 2022

Why do you need the best rear shocks for the Harley Davidson Touring model? Because shocks determine how comfortably you can ride on different terrains depending on the weather and the environment. Also, the rear shocks are vital because they dictate the amount of weight your Harley Davidson can carry. Therefore, classifies shocks as the unsung heroes of the suspension world.

However, there are plenty of different shocks in the market, from different materials and designs. Let’s have an in-depth understanding of shocks, their benefits, and what you should look out for when buying.

Types of Rear Shocks for Harley Davidson Touring

There are two types of shocks; Coil and Air. Let’s expound on the two.

1. Coil

It is a large metal spring that circumnavigates a tube. This type of shock commonly features in less expensive bikes that typically carry a lot of loads. They also show a high level of shock absorption and traction when off-road.

2. Air

These shocks feature an air compression spring. They are lighter and easy to customize because you can regulate (decrease and increase) the air pressure in the shock using a shock pump.

5 Benefits of New Rear Shocks 

  • Handling: The shocks are the core determinant of how rough or smooth your ride will be. They regulate the amount of pressure you will experience. When riding on uneven surfaces, you need something that will absorb the shock experienced from free fall.
  • Weight: The rear shocks create a smooth transition when you hit the bump. They also determine the amount of weight that your bike can comfortably carry. If you would love to have more on your back, perhaps you should try aftermarket shocks.
  • Stance: If you are a short rider, your shocks allow you to increase your height and stance. Amongst other reasons,  holding up your motorcycle can be tiring and, even in the worst case, affect how well you can see ahead.  This action brings a little bit of comfort and relaxation when controlling the motorcycle.
  • Look. If you have a thing for beautiful things, new rear shocks can help you with that. Whether it’s a chrome finish or an anodized black finish, it can improve how smart your bike looks. What’s more, new rear shocks are enhanced to last longer and help you cut some unnecessary costs.
  • Tires. If you want to modify your bike and fit in a bigger tire for whatever reason, the best thing to do would be to install aftermarket shocks. The shocks determine the height between the rotor and the subframe, therefore directly affecting the tire size.

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3 Best Rear Shocks for Harley Davidson Touring

Choosing the best rear shocks for Harley Davidson touring may not be a walk in the park for everyone. For this reason, here is a list of the three best rear shocks for your bike.

1. Legends- 13in.1310-0959 A Adjustable Coil Shocks

If you want to have fun while riding, you must be a legend. From our comparison, the Legend Revo takes the lead because of its perfection in shock absorption and re-bounce. The legends suspension have 23 years of experience, and therefore, if there is someone who understands the necessities of a ride, it’s them. Below are a few features of this shock:


  • Handles reasonable weight capacity either for your passenger or the load.
  • Provides optimum re-bounce to create a comforting effect away from back pains when riding. 
  • It is perfect for shock absorption when riding on uneven or bumpy surfaces.
  • Features a clear anodized finish that supplements your Harley Davidson.
  • The shocks feature six external adjustable knobs that you can control for your best re-bounce feel.
  • Fits in most Harley Davidson models.

2. Progressive Suspension- 412-4077B Black- Rear Suspension Shock

If you are looking for high-capacity shocks for your Harley Davidson, check this shock from progression suspension. Below are its characteristics:


  • They are easy to install on your bike and will take you less than 30 minutes at most.
  • Have a durable design that will improve your motorcycle and last longer.
  • It is heavy-duty and, therefore, can handle you and our passengers’ weight.
  • They have high shock absorption for a smooth ride, even on the worst of terrains.
  • Features a 5 position cam style preload adjuster to help regulate the weight on the motorcycle.
  • They feature high-pressure gas for better performance and damping.
  • They provide a higher level of stability on uneven grounds.

3. OHLINS USA – Ohlins HD 022 Shocks for Harley Touring

This Swedish company distributes shocks among other parts in over 50 countries, and Harley Davidson bike riders have reasons to love it. Here are some characteristics of this shock.


  •  Features preload adjustability meaning you can control the amount of rebound.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty as a guarantee of the level of quality of these shocks.
  • It has a high weight capacity to allow you to accommodate one or two passengers.
  • The shocks feature pressurized gas and oil lock to prevent loss of air during re-bounce.
  • They are rebuildable hence shedding a lot of revenue off your budget.
  • It is a perfect fit for most  Harley Davidson models.

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Rear Shocks

  • Installation: The first question that should run in the rider’s mind is how easy it is to install the shocks. Personally installing the shock without the need for a mechanic would save you a few bucks! Lucky enough, most shocks are easy to install, and they come with manuals.
  • Height adjustability: Before taking off, every two-tire bike requires you to support it on both sides with your legs. Therefore, the height at which your shocks raise your bike is vital to consider.  Fortunately, most shock manufacturers produce height adjustability as an add-on. 
  • Quality: If you treasure your Harley Davidson, you probably value quality parts. And if you don’t, the experience will be the best teacher for you. Some brands like progressive have a reputation for quality, and therefore, you should prioritize them if you can afford them.
  • Price: Economists will always advise that you cannot spend what you don’t have. Before thinking about other factors, you should work with what fits your budget without going deep down in your wallet. The price for most shocks ranges between $200 and $800. 
  • Stiffness: The rear shocks experience the load and weight of the passenger and the rider. They should therefore be stiff to withstand the force. Additionally, the shocks should absorb a reasonable amount of shock for a smooth ride, whether on even or uneven surfaces.


Q. How do I make my motorcycle ride smoother?

The smoothness of your ride depends on several things; your weight, the shocks, and the terrain. The weight and terrain are not more of a choice, but you can consider changing your environment and shedding off some pounds in case they are. The only reliable option is upgrading your shocks to withstand and absorb the pressure from the uneven services.

Q. How do I tell if my rear shocks are bad on my motorcycle?

Many signs notify you that certain shocks aren’t the best for your motorcycle. Some include the tires bouncing excessively, unusual tire wear, and fluids leaking on the exterior of the shocks.

Q. How long do motorcycle rear shocks last?

The key lies in ensuring regular checks and maintenance. But, usually, shocks should last at least 50,000 to 100000miles before you even think of replacing them. However, lasting depends on the environment you ride the motorcycle in.

Q. Should I replace all 4 shocks at the same time?

As a rule of thumb, always replace motorcycle shocks in pairs. However, if you have the money, you can replace all four for more efficient handling.

Q. Should shocks make any noise when riding?

No. With proper maintenance, shocks should not make any noise; they have rubbers and lubrication to prevent friction. However, in some cases, shocks make noise when on bumpy terrains, especially when there is no lubrication.

Final Verdict

Shocks are seemingly the most ignored yet crucial part of your motorcycle. They have much control over the terrain you ride in, the amount of weight you can carry, and whether you enjoy your ride or not. If you have difficulties getting choosy for your Harley Davidson, the three featured above are a good place to start. What’s more, you can consider the factors above when buying your piece.

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