5 Best Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson of 2022

Oil cooler control how well your engine runs and how healthy it remains. While driving, it makes sure your engine remains perfect. Without it, you could be looking at major engine damage or even catastrophic failure! Oil coolers are very basic systems and it might be easy to ignore the benefits of having an oil cooler on your bike. However, here is a comprehensive guide on the benefits and recommendations of the Best Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson. So, let’s begin.

Types of Oil Coolers

There are three types of oil cooling systems that work for Harley Davidson. The coolers have varying benefits. Below is an overview.

Air-Cooling: This cooler is common among smaller engines. The system involves passing air through the casing of the engine. As a result, the air dissipates the extra heat during the motion. This system does not require an oil cooler but rather a thermal transmission.

Air/ Oil-cooling: It is the hybrid of the two systems. It combines an air cooling and an oil cooler—the oil-cooler supplements the air cooler by removing the heat from the motorcycle’s engine. Despite the modification, it is not what you should go for if you have a high-performance engine.

Liquid-Cooling: This system has a coolant that is liquid in nature. The liquid in an external radiator circulates the engine and, in the process, dissipates heat. The liquid cooling system is the most effective for high-performance engines but is costly.

Product Reviews: 5 Best Oil Coolers for Harley Davidson

All the products are lightweight to reduce the amount of weight it adds to your bike. All recommended oil cooler system enormously reduces the amount of heat on your motorcycle engine. The process is made possible by the following features:

1. Jagg- Best Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson

  • Jagg horizontal low-mount 10-row fan-assisted oil cooler kit.
  • The oil cooler comes with hose mounting hardware.
  • It features a fan that automatically turns on at 205 degrees Farands.
  • The fan is powerful enough to pull 150 units of air.
  • It has a high customer rating translating to more customer trust.
  • It is easy to install on your motorcycle.
  • The product comes with a wiring harness for easy bolt-on.
  • This product fits in most Harley Davidson including the Electra glide 1985.

2. Jagg- Best Jagg Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson

  • It comes as a complete kit with hoses and clamps.
  • The cooler’s design ensures that the engine lasts longer.
  • It has cutting-edge technology to keep your engine stays cool.
  • The product complements the perfect design and style of your bike.
  • It has a multi-pass oil flow configuration to ensure heat dissipation.
  • It offers more surface area for oil flow to ensure superior cooling.
  • The cooler does not add more weight to the motorcycle.

3. HTTMT- High-Performance Motorcycle Oil Cooler

  • Features waterproof connectors to avoid mixing with the oil.
  • It comes with a durable thermal switch that is built-in.
  • The oil cooler features steel construction for a rust-free life.
  • It has an automated fan that switches off when the oil temperature is below 190 degrees.
  • It is easy to install using basic mechanic tools.
  • The oil cooler has a filter adapter made of aluminum.
  • It has a low customer rating.

4. SMT-MOTO- Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson Softail

  • It has dual fans that are waterproof to stay immune from water.
  • The oil cooler has a durable thermal switch with built-in wiring.
  • Its connectors are waterproof to avoid oil contamination.
  • The fan turns on automatically when the engine temperature rises over 190 degrees.
  • It has a steel construction to boost its durability.
  • The product has an oil filter made of aluminum.

5. Jagg- Best Slimline Oil Cooler System for Harley

  • It fits on most Harley Davidson models, including Street glide.
  • Customers rate it above average, meaning you can trust it.
  • The oil-cooler kit comes with an oil filter adapter.
  • It has a thermostat to prevent overcooling the oil.
  • It is easy to install on most Harley Davidson.
  • The cooler comes with hoses that have enough diameter to allow fuel flow.

Benefits of Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson

Overheating: The primary reason why motorcycles have a cooling system is to prevent engine oil from overheating. Having an oil cooler keeps the engine oil in usable viscosity. The result of this is a smooth and memorable journey.

Protection: Having an oil cooler helps protect your engine. It keeps the engine oil viscous to ensure the engine plates do not grind on each other. In simple terms, this protects your engine in the long term from potential damage.

Effectiveness: An oil cooler guarantees good service and an undisrupted journey. Overheating of the engine can delay your journey. Having it on your bike lowers the temperatures and ensures the engine is working properly.

Buying Consideration for the Best Oil Cooler for Harley Davidson

Size: An oil cooler is supposed to pass fluid and, in the process, dissipate the heat. Therefore, the higher the fluid circulation in the cooler, the more the heat-exchange levels. The inlet and outlet size, therefore, directly affect the fluid flow. Ensure the oil cooler you buy has enough size of the inlet and outlet for more heat loss.

Budget: The amount of money you’re willing to spend on an oil cooler will affect the quality you get. On average, the cost of an oil cooler ranges between $100 and $500. The higher the cost, the more the quality. Depending on what your budget is, ensure that you balance the cost and the quality.

Installation: Ensure that you buy an oil cooler that wouldn’t give you sleepless nights trying to install. Buying an oil cooler that needs a mechanic only helps hike your budget. Additionally, you can ensure that the cooler comes with an installation manual.

Durability: This factor should have been number one in the buyers’ consideration. No one loves to keep buying the same item over and over again. Ensure that you check what other customers are saying about that particular oil cooler. Buying a durable piece will protect you from leakages and breakages.

Fitment: It is vital to check if the particular oil cooler fits in your motorcycle. Fitment of oil coolers in motorcycles is not universal. Therefore, ensure to compare its fitment with your bike’s model. It will save you from possible troubles.

Harley Davidson Oil Cooler Installation Instructions

You can have a mechanic install your oil cooler. However, you can as well do it yourself as the steps involved are easy to understand. Below, we have captured the main stepping stones.

Step 1- Drain all the existing oil. Draining the pre-existing oil keeps your motorcycle’s interior safe from possible spills and damage.

Step 2- Remove pre-existing wires. Disconnecting the wires that may be in the position creates more room for installation.

Step 3Install the oil cooler. In case you’re swapping, disconnect the already existing one. In case none pre-existed, use your owner’s manual to start the installation process. Depending on your Harley model, the installation process may be a little different.

Step 4- Install the hoses. Connect the oil cooler with the oil line so that the oil first goes to the cooler. Ensure that you fasten the connection ends to avoid leakages.

Step 5- Refill the oil. Remember that in the first step, we emptied the existing oil? It’s time to refill back the oil levels. The installation manual for your bike might probably guide you on the level you’re supposed to refill.

Step 6- Take a road test. Start and run your bike for several minutes. Take key attention to whether the oil is flowing properly, warming up, or any leakages. Generally, check for any abnormalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need an oil cooler on my Harley?

Yes. However, that depends on whether you would love to take care of your bike. Oil coolers help you dissipate the amount of heat-generating from your motorcycle.

Q. How to clean a Harley Davidson oil cooler?

Depending on the road or terrain you pass through often, there will be dirt on your oil cooler. Inspect the fins and the fan for any debris that may be there. The best way is to clean using water, soap, and a soft nylon brush. Ensure that you don’t focus on compressed air to clean.

Q. How do I stop my Harley from overheating?

Ensure that you leave your motorcycle to run for a few minutes before cranking it up. Also, check the engine oil levels to ensure that they are within average levels. Lastly, check the coolant levels to enable the engine to run effectively.

Q. What happens when the oil cooler fails?

Normally, when the cooler fails, the engine oil may flow into the cooling system. This results from the differences in the pressure between the cooling system and the engine oil.

Q. How do I know if my oil cooler is bad?

You will experience some decreased temperatures in performance, a cloud of black smoke from the engine, extensive vibration from the engine, and a distended radiator. These factors are mainly because of the heat in the engine.

Final Thoughts

It is important to understand the role oil coolers play in your motorcycle. This is an important system that protects your motorcycle from potential engine damage. If you don’t understand oil coolers, the liquid cooler is the most effective but may be expensive on the other hand. You can choose one from our recommended list.

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