4 Best Motorcycle Boots for Wide Feet

So you’ve got the best motorcycle, and now you’re looking for the right foot kit. More specifically, you have a different feet shape, searching best motorcycle boots for wide feet. Right?

Well, the best motorcycle boot for wide feet, and any other type of feet, need snug fitting first. Then, it makes reaching your goals a little bit easier. Unlike your favorite sports shoes, motorcycle boots clip into the gear shift lever. Which not only makes your riding secure but also assists in easy gear shiftings. Notably, motorcycle boots made the revolution in the case of the racing session.

However, if you have questions like, how tight should your motorcycle boots be? Which boot will be perfect with your customized bike? What are the best boots for riding a motorcycle? Then, I will suggest you go through this article for a few minutes.

Top 4 Motorcycle Riding Boots For Wide Feet: Quick View

  • O’Neal Men’s Rider Boot BLK 10- Best Motorcycle Riding Boots For Wide Feet
  • Gaerne SG-12 Boots –Motocross Boots for Wide feet
  • Alpinestars Boots for Wide Feet- Extra Wide Motorcycle Boots

     Alternative: Alpinestars Men’s SMX Plus V2 Motorcycle Riding Boot

  • Fly Racing Women’s Maverik Boot – Wide Width Motorcycle Boots For Women’s

Why Do You Need Special Motorcycle Riding Boots For Wide Feet?

Normally, the safety of your leg is determined by the length and width of your boots. In addition, every rider should pay attention to their motorcycle boots’ width to get the most comfortable ride. So it doesn’t mean if you have bigger feet, you’re stuck for a choice of bike boots.

However, boots that are too narrow might create foot abnormalities, apart from being uncomfortable; as a result, motorcyclists need to select bikes with a wide booty!

Reviews: 4 Best Motorcycle Boots For Wide Feet

1. O’Neal Men’s Rider Boot BLK 10


Sizes: 7–15 Colors: Black

Boot Material: Synthetic leather.

Toe guard:  Protected by a metal toe guard.

Buying Motives:  Great boots for the price, superb comfort, Great for track, trail, and ATV riders.

Reasons to Avoid: It is not a comfortable boot for walking.


  • The metal shank supports the contour of the boot.
  • This has molded plastic plates with impact-resistant injection.
  • Four buckle closing mechanism with a lock makes this boot more durable.
  • This wide motorcycle boot provides substantial heel support and a cushioned insole.

You will like to see more variety in design and color, especially since they offer black. However, O’Neal boots are the absolute best in comfort, quality, and protection for riders. You can rely on their security, quality, and safety.

2. Gaerne SG-12 Boots


Sizes: 7–13(US-13); SG-12 Motocross Boots

Colors: Black/White/Orange. User: Unisex

Upper Material: Full-grain leather.

Sole:  Dual composite soles.

Reasons to Buy– Great quality, good looking, hinged flexibility, special boot for racing motocross and off-road.

Reasons to Avoid– Unfortunately if you have extra wide feet, they will not fit at all.


  • These provide a decent range of heel-to-toe movement.
  • Anatomically formed thermoplastic shin plate. 
  • A rider can widen the hole by removing three screws.
  • This wide boot helps to shift the lever and the bike’s controls.

With Gaerne’s  SG-12 Boots, this revolutionary new technology on the boot will undoubtedly be a hit. The Razorback is the first pivot point. A glide plate keeps the upper stiff and erects with powerful lateral support. But it will bottom out and absorb stress if over-jumping a jump or compression is applied to the second pivot.

3. Alpinestars Boots for Wide Feet


Sizes: Multiple

Colors: Black, Black &White mixture.

Upper Material: Microfiber upper construction.

Sole:  Durable soles.

Reasons to Buy– Superb flexibility, Lightweight, great support at the ankle, heel, and forefoot.

Reasons to Avoid– Fitting problem for regular-width feet.  


  • Waterproof design.
  • Advanced MTP mesh liner
  • Offers PU Foam foot

Alpinestars boots for broad feet have a Microfibre material that is incredibly flexible and cozy to wear. Wide-footed riders benefit from the ergonomic modification of this frontal boot form. The new TPU shin plate protection is also excellent for racing since it offers more impact and abrasion resistance. But for ultimate rider comfort, air vents at the ankle, heel, and forefoot are covered with a special mesh.

4. Fly Racing Women’s Maverik Boot


Sizes: 7-14

Colors: Black, Red/Black, Grey/Black, White/Black

Upper Material: Elastic gaiter, 3D molded plastic shin & rubber.

Sole:  Modern rubber molded sole.

Reasons to Buy– Topcomfortability, best-budgeted quality, great for wide and narrow feet.

Reasons to Avoid-It is not waterproof.


  • CE approved.
  • Provide off-road boot protection.
  • It has adjustable quick-lock buckles for wide feet.
  • It is durable, lightweight, and offers a good level of grip.

As with any other women’s motorcycle boot, this Fly Racing Women’s Maverik Boot toe box is larger. You will most likely need to modify your shifter if you are new to motorcycle boots. Another thing that will happen is that you will lose some sensation with the shifter – this is normal, and this special boot is getting you accustomed to it.


A safe ride begins with the engine start and striking footwear on your motorcycle. So, when you have a special boot on your foot, you just need to be at ease in your boot. It is in proper command to fit your entire foot.
However, the shoe’s upper should completely encircle the foot, beginning at the toes and continuing into the ankles and calves to provide the best protection. If you’re going to be riding for a lengthy period, you don’t want to deal with discomfort from a tight or loose fit.

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