5 Best Led Headlight for Harley Davidson-Top Pick 2022

best Led Headlight For Harley Davidson

All we know, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are admired for their customization. So, you’ll want to figure out if there is any upgrade before you take off. These may be about style. Or, you will want to consider how best to improve your bike to excel in performance. There are a lot of places you could start, but if you want something easy to install, we recommend a headlight—especially the best-led headlight for Harley Davidson.

Why do you need led headlights?

Nowadays, most modern Harley Davidson are equipped with a led headlight bulb for motorcycles. These stock headlights help motorists see clearly in the darkness and make their bikes visible to other vehicles on the roads. However, led bulbs consume 85 percent less energy than regular halogen bulbs. While LED bulbs are more expensive, they are more long-lasting, efficient, and brighter than halogens. Also, normal LED lights can run for up to 20,000 hours.

So, if you are looking for the best-led headlight for Harley Davidson over your stock LED lights, this article will help you. The following list of led headlights is best suited for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

5 Best LED Headlights for Harley Davidson

When buying your LED Headlight for Harley Davidson or replacing your old ones, keep the focus on beam patterns. We will talk more about this topic later, but first, look at the list.

#1. Wisamic 5.75 led headlight for Harley Davidson

Wisamic LED Headlight for Harley Davidson is a great LED headlight to pick. It has an H4 plugin for an easy plugin and plays installation while providing a direct and secure fit. You will find 100% original high-performance Oram LED lamps in this headlight system. That is why we found it the best-led headlight for Harley Davidson. They give an outstanding light specification of 2,800Lms on a low beam and 4,000Lms on a high beam.

The Wisamic headlight has brighter and white-colored light. This delivers a light pattern of over 400% more than any standard incandescent lamp around. Refracting diodes crafted on the LED lenses give a clean white light. Plus, they offer a broad-angle pattern for enhanced visibility, even from a far distance.

It resists water and shock to offer excellent protection for the headlamps. This ensures LED’s lifespan stands over 50,000 illuminating your rides at night.


  • It features a shock and vibration-resistant light projector lens for increased security.
  • Water-resistant aluminium housing offers the most significant protection to LED lenses.
  • The shock-proof design ensures high safety for both the rider and motorcycle.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Brilliant and powerful lighting performance that surpasses regular headlamps.


  • Lights may sometimes change to an amber color.

#2. TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight

Truckmall 7 inch led headlight comes as one of the best-led headlights for Harley Davidson. It has a typical design meant to offer the superior nighttime performance of excellent illumination. In turn, you will not blind other oncoming riders. On a high beam, the light bulbs deliver 3600lumens, whereas on a low beam produce up to 2400Lms. This illumination tends to be adequate for enhancing visibility at a distance.

You can install the headlight and both passing lights within 15 minutes. Also, you can play all three plugs with the OEM connections. However, this headlight enhances driver visibility with a perfect beam pattern.


  • Very easy to install.
  • Great light output
  • Better fitment over stock headlights
  • The LED lamps have a lasting lifespan
  • DOT approval makes it safer for the rider


  • The middle headlight can be fogged up.

#3. SUNPIE Led Headlight for Harley Davidson

The SUNPIE LED Headlight offers the brightest led headlight for Harley Davidson. This enhanced lighting system can light up the road to 150 yards ahead so you can see crystal clear. It delivers a low beam light of 3,200LM and a high-quality beam of 4,500LM. This tends to be four times the power of halogen light bulbs.

The CREE LEDs feature waterproof aluminum construction for lasting performance. Additionally, this system has a chip lifespan of more than 30,000hrs assuring you more days of night illumination. To install it, slide it into the original headlamp slot. It plugs into the H13 or H14 connection ports with the included free adapter.


  • Effortless to fix the LED headlight thanks to the adapters included
  • Aluminium protective case offers water resistance and ensures longevity
  • The LED lamps have a lasting lifespan
  • DOT approval makes it safer for the rider


  • Internal screws on the headlight may fall out if not well tightened.

#4. Beltandroad Super White LED Headlight for HD

Beltandroad super white led headlight is a great choice for Harley Davidson street glide. It delivers a clear, bright, pure white light that scatters even the darkest night. Your earliest or late evening rides become much more enjoyable with this capability. It’s lighting up the road forward provides a bright and broad view. As a result, they offer a more steady and intense lighting performance.


  • Compatible with most Harley Davidson models
  • An effortless installation that involves a plug and plays without cutting wires
  • The headlight cover lens uses exclusive technology to make it robust and durable
  • Die-cast aluminum housing has a powerful scientific sink for better heat dissipation


  • Poor return policy.

#5. XPCTD LED Headlight With Mounting Bracket

XPCTD led headlight with mounting bracket brings this headlight without compromising the quality and lighting performance. The plug-and-play and H4 or H13 Adapters provided make the installation process a breeze. In addition, it has an excellent popularity for giving lasting protection to LED bulbs and lenses. Also, it has a good cooling performance.

The included visor safeguards the light bulbs from getting moist on humid days. This ensures a consistent and excellent lighting performance. It comes with an inbuilt fan and an integrated cooling system, which helps cool down the LED bulbs. Thus, it enhances optimal safety for use on longer distances.


  • Less power consumption helps to save your costs on energy
  • Aluminum housing guarantees a durable performance
  • It offers an affordable fit for most user’s budgets
  • Easy to install thanks to the universal compatibility design


  • Sometimes light won’t tighten and resulting in vibrating while riding.

Considerations for Choosing LED Headlight for Harley Davidson

Tons of users give praise about the magic LED headlights give them, whether on or off-board. This has led to increased numbers of Harley motorcycle users desiring these products. Many alternative options arise, making it hard for users to find the best headlight. With this handy buying guide, you will learn some basic tricks to consider when shopping.

Material composition

The material used to make the external casing determines the LED headlight’s durability. Aluminum and stainless steel materials take the lead for most headlight construction. They boast incredible strength for increased durability. It also prevents damage to the internal system from water and other objects.

Other headlights have plastic and other materials that never last even a full season. This forces users to replace them now and then, which in the long run, becomes costly. If you wish to have a LED headlight that will last longer, consider one with an aluminum outer shell.

Power consumption

This consideration is pretty essential when choosing the best headlight system. These products have different rates of power usage whenever they operate. Most LED headlights for Harley Davidson have a generally low power consumption rate. For a starter, one with an average power consumption of 30watts will be great. This guarantees an excellent performance without compromising brightness levels. Still, it will deliver a dominant light pattern for enhanced visibility.

Brightness and colour

It is imperative to select the best-LED bulbs with colors that will suit your desires. Check for one with a color temperature that fits its performance. This will assure you of reliable and excellent illumination for comfortable night riding. Choosing a LED headlight bulb with 4D and D-shaped projector lenses will be a great idea. It will improve lighting performance and increase the beam distance of the LED lights. This will enable you to see far when riding in poor weather conditions or early mornings or late nights.


Each LED headlight bulb has a particular life term anticipated to last. This determines how many years it will give ultimate illumination for a secure ride. Most LED bulbs for Harley Davidson have a design that gives them a high lifespan of more than 50000 hours. We encourage you to consider one with a high lifespan for continuous illumination.


1. How many lumens should a LED headlight for Harley Davidson have?

Lumen measures the total amount of visible light that a LED headlight delivers. Most motorcycle headlight systems have about 3000 lumens for a low-intensity beam. And about 4000 to 4800 lumen for a high beam.

2. Can I adjust the brightness levels of my Harley Davidson LED Headlight?

When it comes to headlights, the only way to go brighter is by changing your current bulb or buying a better system. Are you using unoriginal halogen headlight lamps on your motorbike? If yes, getting LED headlights is the best solution for brighter lights.

3. Is it a must to purchase the best-LED Headlight for my Harley Davidson model?

Not really, but acquiring the best-LED headlight will have a great impact on your riding experience. It offers you the best and cheapest way of customizing your motorcycle. Most of them have the best design and style that takes the décor of your bike to the next level making it super beautiful. You will cruise around very early in the morning or late in the evening without any challenges. It delivers the highest quality and focused lighting pattern for a secure ride. Many LED headlight systems tend to have a generally low price. And still, they save your money as they consume less energy than other ordinary lamps.

4. Can I modify the conservative headlights to become LED Headlights?

Yes, you can but you will have to use specific equipment. The LED headlights set plus user installation can help you to transform the lights easily. Some motorcycle models demand the use of an adapter to install the LED headlights.


Finding a high-quality LED headlight for your Harley motorcycle has never been this easy. Our reviews on the best-LED headlights for Harley Davidson bring you top-performing brands to have an excellent choice. Their design gives a high-quality light and color pattern you deserve. This tends to illuminate your early mornings, late nights, or harsh weather conditions. Our buying guide will give the simplest considerations to narrow down your selections.

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