5 Best Harley Seats for Tall Riders | Enjoy Your Ride with Comfort [2022]

Best Harley Seats for Tall Riders

A motorcycle seat is an essential part of your motorcycle. It is where you sit and whoosh through the wind as you drive down the road. There are many different types of motorcycle seats that you can choose from to determine which one is best for you.
However, finding the best Harley seats for tall riders isn’t a walk in the park. Therefore, riders end up struggling when riding primarily because of bending their knees to reach leg controls. As a result, they end up having an uncomfortable experience of riding, which should be fun.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Harley Seats for Tall Riders

Comfort: Choosing the right seat height for you and your bike assures you of comfort. With the right height, you can ride the bike for long distances without worrying. Comfort also enables you to enjoy the ride experience.

Style: The seat height grants you an opportunity to complement your style and love for fashion. Aftermarket seats give you a distinctive look that makes you stand out from others. When choosing the seat height, you should ensure it fits your style, especially the color and material.

Support: Aftermarket seats provide you with quality and design construction that improves the rider’s support. The design in the seat height handles your weight and ensures the spine (lumbar) aligns for comfort. The support’s primary focus is preventing joints and back pains.

What should a tall rider consider before buying a Harley seat

The height: A tall rider should go for a seat that increases the room of their legs when riding. Bending the knees for a long time can cause many problems like joint pains. A seat that pushes you a few inches backwards reduces the bent on your knees hence more comfort.

Position: The seat shouldn’t raise you higher up such that you don’t differentiate between the seat and the tank. For the tall riders, a slightly bent seat pushes you a little bit to the back. The effect reduces the angle of the bent knees, which is ideal for frequent long-distance rides.

Cushion and padding: The seat plays an integral part in protecting the tailbones from adverse impacts. When buying, consider the different padding technologies like foam and gel. The padding will save you from back pains resulting from straining the spine.

Type of the seat: There are two types of seats; solo and passenger seats. Choosing either majorly depends on your needs and preference. Seats that accommodate the rider and the passenger are ideal as you can choose to bring someone along with you.

Durability: Considering the type of materials used in the seat is essential as it saves your costs. The most common materials include steel, plastic, foam, and leather or synthetic leather. To be sure about the durability, buy from reputable brands and check reviews from riders.

Reviews of 5 Best Harley Seats for Tall Riders

Using the buyers’ guide above, below are the handpicked best Harley seats for tall riders. They are made with the mind of a tall rider in mind.

1. Mustang Motorcycle Seats- 79556 – Popular Harley Touring for Tall Riders

Mustang seat is a reputable brand in making motorcycle seats. This seat, to be particular, is tailored to reclaim the lost comfort when you’re riding. The worst mistake that a motorcycle rider can make is ignoring the thickness of their seat and its weight.

  • The seat features enhancements to improve your comfort when riding or stopping.
  • It has a fully adjustable and easily removable driver backrest. It keeps you away from back pains.
  • The seat design is comprehensive to ensure his butt muscles do not get strained when riding.
  • The seat is 1.75” wide than the stock seat to accommodate the legs’ length.
  • It is compatible with most Harley Davidson models such as Road King 08’-19’.
  • The backrest is removable in case you don’t feel like using it.
  • The item uses lightweight materials that weigh 6 pounds.
  • The product has excellent customer reviews for its comfort and style.

2. Mustang Motorcycle Seats- 79006- Best Harley Touring Seats for Tall Riders

Riding your Harley Davidson feels amazing but riding on a comfortable seat feels heavenly. The seat in your motorcycle can be the simple source of a complex discomfort problem. A poor seat can result in tiring fast and constant back pains when you ride for a long distance. A great seat goes ahead and beautifies your riding experience.

  •  Sets the rider 1.75” back which angles the body for comfort.
  • It features a front bucket drain hole in the event of a rainy day.
  • The rear portion design provides support to keep the passenger firm
  • The seat’s style features a state-of-the-art automotive design for an executive look.
  • It is compatible with Harley Davidson models such as street glide.
  • Features well-padded materials that are long-lasting and cost-effective
  • The width on the front measures 19” and the back 14”.
  • The product has a good customer rating on style, comfort, and design.

3. Mustang Motorcycle Seats- 76694- Harley Solo Seat for Tall Riders

The seat is an essential part of a motorcycle. It withstands the weight force of the body when you are riding the motorcycle. Apart from the shock absorbers, it cushions the body when you ride on uneven surfaces. Replacing it if worn-out is therefore essential for the benefit of the rider.

  • It features an extra width at the hip for more hip muscle relaxation.
  • It uses highly durable materials that will help save costs.
  • You can use the seat alone or with a matching passenger seat.
  • It is highly compatible with most Harley Davidson models, such as Electra glide.
  • The seat is lightweight and therefore does not add tons of weight to the bike.
  • It uses a stock glove leather cover that cushions for extra comfort.
  • The seat pushes you back a little bit which is perfect for tall riders.
  • The product has an excellent customer rating proving it worthwhile.

4. XFMT-moto-part- Comfortable Seat for Tall Riders

Most stock seats wear out fast, leaving the rider and the passenger exposed. Most stock seats do not address the concerns of a  tall rider. As a result, they expose them to pain and muscle aches. Riding is supposed to be fun, and the seat shouldn’t be the reason why it’s not.

  • The seat uses synthetic leather that is durable and cost-saving.
  • The seats use foam for proper cushioning when riding for long distances.
  • The seat uses iron and plastic for firmness and support.
  • It features an integrated suspension system that protects the rider and the passenger.
  • It fits for 2009 to present Harley Touring models.
  • The seat is easy to install on your Harley Davidson.

5. XFMT-moto-part – Best tallboy motorcycle seat

 Apart from giving you comfort, the seat should also complement the custom look on your bike. This seat does precisely that by increasing the room for your legs to rest without tiring. Additionally, the seat has high padding to handle the rider’s and passenger’s weight.

  • Its making uses microfiber that perfectly comfy the rider and the passenger.
  • It has a wide front seat to support the rider and keep the passenger firm.
  • Features an integrated suspension system to protect the rider’s and passenger’s tailbones from road impacts.
  • It fits in most Harley Davidson 2009-20 touring and tri-glide models.
  • It’s black with red stripes that complement the beauty of your bike.
  • The exterior is smooth to reduce friction and scratching of your pants.
  • It is easy to install without the need for your mechanic.
  • The seat is compatible with other stock back seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best Harley for tall riders?

Every rider who is over 6 feet tall should focus on two recommended bikes. Dyna Wide Glide gives your legs an expansive room for the forward foot controls for you to stretch out. Breakouts 107 and 114 give you enough space to support your lower back and allow your muscles to shift smoothly.

Q. What is the Most comfortable Harley touring seat?

The Mustang Tripper motorcycle seat uses durable materials like leather. The seat also cushions the body and the tailbones from the problematic impacts of the riding surface. And, since it is a single-seat, it is compatible with stock passenger seats and most Harley Davidson motorcycle models.

Q. Do you need to be tall and strong to ride a motorcycle?

Being tall and strong is not a necessity in riding motorcycles but reaching leg controls is crucial. Different types of bikes suit people of all sizes and strengths. The most important aspect of riding a motorcycle is balancing yourself and riding it without assistance.

Q. Can you be too tall for a Harley motorcycle?

No. Different Harley motorcycles are designed to be fit for a particular group of riders. If you pick the right bike in height and type, you should have an easier time when riding. And, if you’re too tall, you can modify it with aftermarket products like seats and shocks to raise it to the desired height.

Q. What seat height do I need in a motorcycle?

The seat height depends on your height. Tall riders should go for high seats that push them back, whereas those short ones should go for lower ones. Most seats for short people range between 23 and 29 inches, while tall people should choose those between 30 and 33 inches.

Final Verdict

Despite there being fewer options to choose from, the above list covers some of the best in the market. What’s more, the buying guide highlights the key factors that you should use when overwhelmed with choices. The main focus should be on your comfort as a rider on different terrains.

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