5 Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs

Best Foot Pegs for Dirt Bike

Footpegs are what you step on when riding a motorcycle. They help you rest the feet on them and easily control the bike’s other components like the gear lever. However, aftermarket foot pegs are one of the most popular bike items riders like to make. It helps if your bike has a big platform, as these feet provide that. In this article, we recommend the 5 best dirt bike foot pegs that are both outstanding and durable.

Due to these constant movements, they often wear and tear due to friction. Therefore, there is more need to replace them constantly. Failing to replace them may cause them to slide off when riding. In addition, you may experience difficulties when shifting between gears. 

Product Review: 5 Best Foot Pegs for Dirt Bike

Using the factors above and others, we have researched dozens of footpegs and shortlisted the five. Therefore, we highly recommend them for their outstanding features and enhancements. 

1. JFG RACING- Best Foot Pegs for Dirt Bike

This footpeg is a product of the JFG racing company. It focuses on the production and retail of motorcycle products and accessories. This is particularly what any motorcycle enthusiast would love to have on their motorcycle.

  • Manufacturers use high-quality materials that withstand over 600kg of pressure.
  • The footpeg has reinforced teeth that offer a stable grip on shoes.
  • It is anodized in orange to fit the design of your dirt bike.
  • The product has a new fishbone plate design to enforce durability.
  • It fits perfectly on most dirt bike motorcycles.
  • Most customers rate it highly on usability.
  • Even if you have less exposure to motorcycles, it is easy to install.

2. NICECNC Store-Wide Foot Pegs Dirt Bike

This product has a high 4.5-star customer rating, meaning you can highly trust it. What’s more, it offers more than just the design but also the looks. It complements the smart finish on your bike without compromising the cost. 

  • Its making uses billet aluminum that won’t rust on your motorcycle.
  • Its teeth use stainless and flat to avoid piercing the sole into your legs.
  • They have anodized orange surface finishing to complement the design
  • The centre of the footpeg has an X bridge with two centre teeth for more grip.
  • It has a 57mm width to offer a wide surface area for your legs.
  • Even motorcycle novices will have an easy time installing this footpeg on their bikes.
  • It is highly compatible with the stock mount hardware lessening the expenses.
  • The product is compatible with most motorcycles, including Suzuki.
  • It gives you’re an easy time controlling the gear lever and brake.

3. IMS- IMS Superstock Foot Pegs

This footpeg has a 3.8-star customer rating which is pretty higher than the average. Most customers (and we too) love it for its ease of installation on dirt bikes. Additionally, this peg is well built, featuring a nice finish that will improve how your bikes look.

  • It works well with most motorcycles, including honda.
  • It is wider than stock pegs to ensure more traction and low pressure.
  • The footpeg has rough 2-inch teeth to prevent sliding off.
  • The footpeg ensures you have full control and handling of your bike.
  • Its patented tooth design is tall but flat to avoid piercing the sole.
  • The footpeg is steel-made and powder coated to protect them from damage.
  • They provide you with full control of the motorcycle components.
  • The footpeg works perfectly with your stock components without many advancements.
  • It is quite expensive compared to other footpeg models.

4. FSTWAY – Best Fastway Adventure Footpegs

The manufacturing company promises much about this footpeg. From where we stand, the Fastway footpegs do well in their part of delivering a quality product. Furthermore, the product offers durability even though at a little bit higher cost. This is also a dependable and wide footpeg for a dirt bike.

  • It features a stainless steel construction that is long-lasting.
  • It uses rust-free materials that still conserve the design and looks.
  • They have rough teeth that attach to your soles for more safety.
  • It has a 3.50” length and 2.25” width enough for your leg to rest on.
  • You can change the peg’s height to correspond with what you would love to have.
  • It works perfectly with most motorcycles, whether street or dust bikes.
  • They are quite expensive than most average footpegs.

5. Pivot Pegz- Best Motocross Footpegs

This footpeg promises more than just durability. It promises quality rides and safety when riding for both short and long distances. The manufacturing brand, pivot pegs, claims that it represents one of the best footpeg projects.

  • The footpeg is wide to ensure you don’t tire when on adventures.
  • They are light so that not to add so much weight to your motorcycle.
  • It features a stronger design that can last longer than stock designs. 
  • They are heavy-duty to ensure they can comfortably handle your leg’s pressure.
  • They feature a unique and multi-directional design that holds your shoes into position.
  • It is built to quality for a longer and more efficient life than any rider desires.
  • The product works well with most dirt bike motorcycles, including race models.
  • It is more expensive than most dirt bike footpeg models.

Buying Consideration of the Best Foot Pegs for Dirt Bikes?

Buying a dirt bike footpeg or motorcycle footpeg is easy than you imagine. You just to be keen about a few issues and understand your demand. In this part, we have discussed it in such a way that it helps especially dirt bikers as well as other users. Below is what you should be keen on when buying the best footpegs.

Construction: The footpeg construction ranges between steel, aluminum, and titanium materials. Most footpegs are either drilled, sawed, ground, or polished. Depending on what you love, ensure that your choice reflects your interests.

Mud retention: Two characteristics determine whether your footpeg will retain mud or not. First, pegs with a larger opening at the bottom rarely retain mud. The thickness of a peg creates deep cavities that can end up holding mud and dirt.

Dimension: It is important to take key notice of the width of the footpeg. Having a wide peg means that your foot will rest on a larger surface and be less tiring. The usual width of aftermarket footpegs is 57mm wide enough to enable you to control your bike.

Grip: A footpeg should be stuck to ensure that your boots don’t slide on it. The sharpness of the peg’s teeth determines how sticky the peg is by bringing some roughness. However, stay informed that too sharp peg teeth may go through the soles.

Cost: Choosing a footpeg that is within your budget is crucial. Also, ensure you compare the cost against the features the footpeg has. The average cost of footpegs ranges between $10 and $100.

Fit: Does the footpeg fit in your bike’s pivot? This question is worth considering as it doesn’t sound wise to buy the wrong piece. A mismatch would only incur your loss.

How to Install Dirt Bike Foot Pegs?

Installing the footpeg should be easy but depends on the type of footpeg you have. Let’s start installing dirt bike foot pegs. First, you should remove the existing footpeg. Follow the following step to efficiently remove the footpeg.

  • Remove the peg’s collar pin followed by the washer.
  • Remove the pin that is holding the footpeg onto the bike attachment. The peg may be a little hardy attached to the bike. Therefore, you need to apply a little bit of force.
  • When you fully remove the pin, all the other components, the spring, and the stock footpeg will disconnect.

To install it is just reversing the same process. To ensure you do it fast, clean the pin. Follow these steps to install.

  • Insert the spring into the footpeg and fit it into the bike’s attachment area.
  • Slide the pin back in so that it holds the new footpeg onto the bike.
  • Insert the washer and then the collar pin. 
  • Then twist the collar pin a bit so that it holds the whole peg.

The process is similar to all footpegs, although there might be few changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are dirt bike foot pegs universal?

No. Footpegs manufacturing is specific to a certain model and brand.  Therefore, when making a purchase, look for your motorcycle model and then compare it. However, the footpegs featured in this article work perfectly with most dirt bikes and other major brands.

Q. How to extend footpegs on a motorcycle?

If you need an extension of the footpegs, you need to buy a motorcycle footpeg extension. They are mostly available for purchase depending on the fitment. Also, you need to take extra caution when selecting the fitment. You should have the measurements (length and width) you want to add to your footpeg and match it with the extension. Use a screw to attach the extension to the footpeg. Now, for dirt bike foot peg extensions, here is a video for you. However, if you have a KTM Dirt Bike, you will be more than happy to watch this video.

Q. Where do you put your feet on a dirt bike peg?

You should be keen when placing your feet’ balls and arches. The balls are supposed to give you access to more push and control for braking and gear shifting. The arches should be resting on the footpeg always for the sake of emergencies. 


Dirt bikes have a little different needs when it comes to footpegs compared to other motorbikes. The products we recommend in this article are the best footpegs for dirt bikes. Also, getting informative reviews on what to consider when purchasing a footpeg for your dirt bike may keep you from trouble. Footpegs are essential components that hold the weight of the rider for easy balancing.

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