5 Best Exhaust for Street Glide Special [2022]

best exhaust for street glide special

Street glide special is a motorcycle model by Harley Davidson. Models and their respective exhausts continue to change. Therefore, choosing the best exhaust for the street glide special may be a pain in the back. Exhaust for street glides specially dictate the performance of your bike, the looks, and the sound.

That said, there are very many issues involved before settling on one specific exhaust. Vance and Hines 16763 twine slash win because of the protective shield that prevents bluing of the pipe and the classic look they portray

Components of Exhaust for Street Glide Special

Street glide exhausts have five major parts. Below is a brief explanation of the parts:

  • Pipe: It is the most visible part of a motorcycle and comprises stainless steel. This component aims to collect gases from your exhaust manifold and direct them away from the engine. 
  • Exhaust Manifold: As mentioned above, the exhaust manifold connects to the pipe on one side. The other side connects to the engine. Depending on your engine, the manifold may have one or several headers coming from the combustion cylinders. 
  • Catalytic Converter: Just as the name mentions, a catalytic converter converts all the poisonous gases from the engine into less harmful products. Some of the gases that the converter works on include carbon (iv) oxide and Nitrogen oxide.
  • Muffle: The combustion that takes place in the engines produces a lot of noise. But, how come you don’t hear that super loud noise? The answer is simple; the muffle. This exhaust component reduces the noise that comes out of the engine.
  • Exhaust Guard: It is the outer layer of the exhaust that protects you from the heated pipe. It is a crucial part whose benefit you can’t ignore.

Systems of Exhaust for Street Glide Special

There are two types of exhaust slip-on and full-system exhaust. 

  • Slip-on exhausts: This exhaust lets you improve the sound without improving performance. Unlike full system exhausts, they are cheap, easy to install, and lightweight. These pipes do not offer any performance benefits like improved horsepower or fuel-efficiency.
  • Full system exhausts: It is what any rider who wants actual performance and improved horsepower should have on their bikes. Unlike slip-on systems, these exhausts often cost much more. They involve installing a jet kit or fuel controller in your motorcycle system. The full system is a bit complex to install and, therefore, you should consider hiring a mechanic.

Benefits of Best Exhaust for Street Glide Special

  • More power: One of the significant benefits of having a better exhaust is that they increase the energy you receive from the engine. A performance exhaust eliminates the gases from the engine more efficiently, making your engine more healthy and better performing. Additionally, they breathe more air within the exhaust system for more performance.
  • They have improved fuel economy: Performance exhausts increase the amount of air in the engine. As a result, the engine can reduce the fuel it consumes to counter the unclean gases.
  • Sound: Sound is the most notable reason why most riders install performance exhausts. These exhausts give aggressive, throaty sounds that are deep and grab attention.

5 Best Exhausts for Street Glide Special

1. JFG RACING – Street Glide Exhaust Pipe for 2017-2020

The JFG racing brand manufactures this exhaust. The inlet measures 1-7/8″ and the outlet 4.5″.

JFG racing is among the legendary exhaust manufacturers who have been well known for making quality. This exhaust, to be particular, is tailored for universal fitment. It fits rides like 2017-UP Har-ley touring, bagger model, Electra glide, street glide, and many others. When it fits, it complements the motorcycles’ looks with its chrome finish.


  • Features a 16 Gauge cold rolled steel that does not rust.
  • The pipe is lightweight (about 7kg) and therefore does not add much weight to the motorcycle.
  • The exhaust pipe features a plating of chrome.
  • They are long (29″) to dissipate heat and gases far from the engine for more horsepower.


One downside of this particular exhaust is that it may not fit on 2016 street glides. Also, the thread inserts may still spin even after affixing them. With that said, they are easy to install on your bike even without the manual.  

 2. Vance & Hines – Street Glide Slip-On exhaust for 1995-2016

Vance and Hines is a renowned brand in the exhaust pipes production industry. These power duals optimize performance on your bike. Here are a few features:


  • They slip on and therefore are cheaper and improve the sound of the bike.
  • Features an optional quiet insert if you are not a fan of loud sound or your local authorities don’t allow it.
  • This exhaust has an internal heat shield that protects the outer from turning blue.
  • The pipe is a 4″ chrome slip-on for better thrusting of the gases.


These Vance and Hines exhausts are noticeable amidst other pipes. They have distinguished slash end tips that supplement your bike’s classic look. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about bluing the chrome finish because of the internal heat absorbing mechanism. The pipe helps your engine generate more power for a throaty rumble sound—however, it is expensive.


3. SHARKROAD- Muffler Exhaust for Street Glide for 1995-2016


  • The end tips are removable should you have a different choice to complement the look.
  • The exhaust produces a deep bass sound when cruising
  • The baffles are removable should you want them to be louder.
  • This set is easy to install and doesn’t need you to reprogram the ECM.

Sharkroad promises that customers will have 100% customer satisfaction when using this product; your motorcycle will not only be loud but will sound great.
This exhaust is 31″ in length, and the outlets are 4″, ideal for dissipating gases away from the engine for more horsepower. They come in chrome and black with removable end tips to accommodate the different styles and tastes. This Sharkroad exhaust is a perfect fitment for Harley Davidson touring from 1995-to 2016.


However, the bike does not fit all aftermarket headers and, therefore, be keen when buying. Unfortunately, they do not fit 2017-2021 Harley Davidson bikes, Tri-Glides, or any freewheelers.

4.  SHARKROAD- Megaphone Slip Ons Exhaust for 1995-2016

This Sharkroad slip-on exhaust sorts your love for sound and adds quality to it. Here are a few properties of this pair:


  • They have a total length of 29″ and an outlet length of 4.4″ to push out the gases for more engine power.
  • The exhaust features removable baffles just if the deep aggressive throaty sound isn’t loud enough for you.
  • Has chrome or black end tips to supplement your bike’s unique looks.
  • The pair is easy to install and, what’s more, they come with an installation manual.

The outer chrome finish gives the pipe a distinctive look that is even more excellent on your bike. Apart from the look, Sharkroad knows that being loud doesn’t mean great sound, and therefore, they have ensured that the pipe gives you a deep tone and a throaty sound. The exhaust is a perfect fit for 1995 to 2016 Harley Davidson touring, including extra glide.


One downside is that the chrome finish may turn bluish after some time of riding. Also, the exhaust isn’t ideal for 2017-2021 M8 Harley Davidson touring or the Tri-Glide. However, the company promises a new release to take care of that.

5. Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6250

When talking about exhausts, Cobra manufacturing company never goes unmentioned. The Sheffield-based company is best at what it does. Here are some takeaways about this exhaust:

  • They are 43” long
  •  Features high plating of the heat shield.
  • They are slip-on, therefore, easy to install.
  •  Has wide head pipes for increased airflow.

The exhaust has a distinctive chrome finish which is the first thing you spot. Additionally, there is a 2.5-inch diameter heat shield that runs from the exhaust ports to the end tips. The company has your safety at heart as you street glide. Despite all that, you don’t have to worry about the weight because the item is only 16 pounds heavy.

If you are riding a 2007 Road King or Ultra Limited, you may not find the item helpful as it does not fit. However, most models ranging from touring 1995-to 2003 fit perfectly.

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Buying Consideration for the best exhaust for street glide special

Below are a few important key points to check before buying:

  • Materials: All exhausts don’t use the same materials in their making. Stainless steel is the best but most expensive option because it’s corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • Fit:  Motorcycle exhausts do not universally fit in any street glide. The most available exhausts perfectly fit 1995-2017 Harley-Davidson touring street glides. Therefore, checking with the retailer whether the exhaust will be perfect on your glide is critical.
  • Diameter and Length: One of the significant benefits of the exhaust is to help your engine perform better. More extended exhausts direct the combustion gases away from the rider, while a larger diameter ensures the gases move efficiently.
  • Finish: Motorcycles are supposed to be perfect and nice looking. The finish takes care of that! Chrome and black are the most popular finishes due to their availability and unique look.
  • Removable components: Examples of removable parts include the baffles and end tip. They give you the freedom to change how your exhaust sounds and how it looks.


Q. What is the best sounding exhaust for Harley Davidson?

80db-95db. Note that in some states, they can sue you for producing such sounds.

Q. What is the largest pipe for Harley Davidson?

There are many large exhausts out there, but the largest range is between 4″- 4.5″ outlets and 1″-2″ inlets.

Q. Can you run a Harley without mufflers?

Yes. However, this is only possible if your exhaust features removable muffles. Again, removing the muffles makes your exhaust super-loud, and that might call for legal action against you in some states.

Q. Is single exhaust louder than dual?             

Yes. In single exhausts, the sound is moving in one pipe. On the other hand, sound comes through several outlets and, as a result, causes less noise.

Q. How much HP does dual exhaust add?

A performance exhaust can lead to a 2-5% horsepower increase depending on the airflow and engine specifications.

Q. Is dual or single exhaust better?  

Dual exhausts produce more horsepower than single exhausts. However, they have low back pressure compared to the single exhaust.

Q. Does add dual exhaust increase horsepower?

Dual performance exhaust leads to more airflow in the engine. As a result, this causes more horsepower.


If you cruise using Harley-Davidson and would like to improve your bike performance, modifying the exhaust would be an excellent idea. If you have no problem digging a little deep in your pocket for the best performance, a full-system exhaust would be best. However, if your interest is just sound and a striking look, go for slip-on exhausts.

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