Are Motorcycles Cool? Explained

Are Motorcycles cool?

Let’s go back to 1885 when Gottlieb Daimler[Wiki]and Wilhelm Maybach[Wiki] designed the historical motorbike in Germany. Motorcycle popularity has continued to rise since then. Notably, the absolute madness of motorcycles started in the 20th century. Nowadays, people find motorcycles as their coolest vehicles on earth. So, are motorcycles cool? Definitely, a big yes. Even the kids feel motorcycles are cool.

Accordingly, are motorcycles fun to ride? Are bikers cool? You will get all those answers in the article, including which bike is best to impress a girl!

Are motorcycles cool?

Yes! A motorcycle’s throttle design, engine power, features, and sound are all cool. Thus, riding on a motorcycle makes you cool too! Motorcycles are cool mainly for easy commuting, freedom of driving, and showing personality. Most importantly, motorcycles have very fun to ride. However, it becomes difficult to accept any fatal accident news for high-speed driving. But still, they are a medium for making new friendships, brotherhoods, and groups.

However, in an experienced rider’s hands, motorcycles are tremendously enjoyable. This is since they are quick, manoeuvrable, and highly flexible. In addition, motorcycles help thoughts of power and independence, allowing you to demonstrate your riding abilities from any location.

Key Essense: The top part of why motorcycles capitalize success depends on three key reasons. 1) Motorcycles are cool for commuting, 2) Riders feel cool for freedom, safe &fun riding, 3) they have a great appearance.

What Makes Motorcycles So Cool? What’s the appeal of Motorcycles?

Motorcycle riding for many years has been a passion. Interestingly, most motorcyclists will tell you that their infatuation with motorcycles began when they were young. So indeed, some factors make motorcycles cool and appeal to riders. Let’s talk about them.

1. Designs is cool

One of the things people often ask about a motorcycle is what makes it different from the other? First, of course, the immediate answer is designing. Then their small size yet high speed. While some bike designs are purely functional for captivating riders, they are still a beast for the exterior. Even sometimes, they arrest your eyes and passers-by to pause to take a silent look.

So, what are the coolest designs of motorcycles?

  1. Motorcycle Frame
  2. Front fork
  3. Motorcycle Wheel
  4. Tires
  5. Lighting System ( Headlights)

However, so far in 2022, I found Triumph 2022 Bonneville Bobber is the top design cruiser motorcycle.


2. Speed is cool

Who doesn’t enjoy the speed and agility of motorcycles? People of all ages, from children to the elderly, are constantly looking for the fastest bike for fun and enjoyment. When I first saw the nine-time world champion, Valentino Rossi, I thought speed was the only factor of a motorcycle. Although it depends on different types of motorcycles, for some bikers, motorcycle speed is everything. So, undoubtedly this also makes a motorcycle cool.

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As you know, the fastest superbike in the world in 2022 is Dodge Tomahawk. The other branded top 4 fastest bikes in the world are –

  1. Kawasaki Ninja H2R.
  2. Suzuki Hayabusa
  3. Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD
  4. MTT Y2K Turbine Superbike

Note: Speeding on a motorcycle is dangerous, but the thrill of defying the odds and seeing what happens when you let go of the reins and twist your wrist is tempting.

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3. Easy Commuting & Fun Riding of motorcycles are cool

Motorcycles provide a sense of independence in commuting short or long distances. Also, it gives a thrilling, wild, wind-in-your-hair adrenaline rush that most riders find addictive and never fades. That is why this vehicle is so cool than others.

As a result, many bikers will ride into their elderly years. Many riders may switch from sports bikes to more comfortable versions, but they will remain to ride. Remember, biking is in the blood, and it’s there to stay!

Note: In bad weather, riding a motorcycle is not a good idea. However, most bikers will gripe and complain about the weather, but it won’t stop them from riding. From that perspective, you may ask- Are bikers cool?

Video Courtesy: Michael Sapryhin

So, are bikers cool or dangerous?

Bikers usually look cool and unique when they draw attention by riding on their bike. Also, it is the same way people who hate bikers for high-speed motorcycle crashes. But a bunch of people, similar to them, feel that riders are super cool. So this is not really about being the one rare and unique rider; it also depends on the coolest bikes. Like, if you ask someone in Boston city street to say a name of a ‘cool’ bike, you’ll most likely get the answer of the Triumph Bonneville.

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However, apart from those factors, motorcycles still are cool for many reasons. For example, a motorcycle’s whistle and engine sounds are exciting, gear shifting moments, driving with a girlfriend in the rear seat, etc. Those all make motorcycles really cool and exciting. So now we can say there are many reasons to ride a bike. Below are the top 5 reasons.

Top 5 reasons why you should ride a motorcycle

  • Riding a motorcycle boosts your cool factor.
  • It makes commuting more comfortable and entertaining.
  • Motorcycle riding gives complete independence and takes riders close to true nature.
  • Really good for health, especially for the brain.
  • It provides the most accessible medium to make friendship and brotherhood.

Parting Thoughts

So after glancing down some hundred words, tell me, is it cool to have a motorcycle? Surely yes! Because of beast looking, unique design, speed, engine start & running sound, and many more reasons. Also, riders are cool to have that.

Lastly, I want to share a special experience of what it feels like to ride a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle feels better than car driving. Furthermore, it combines thrill, fear, relaxation, and pleasure in a way that alters your perception of the world forever. It’s a combination of physical and emotional pleasure, with a layer of worry and adrenaline thrown in.

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