Are Gel Batteries Good For Motorcycle?

There are many types of batteries, including dry cell, wet cell, and lead-acid battery; gel batteries are among the most popular battery types. But, the question is why are gel batteries good for motorcycles? They are known for being efficient, robust, and versatile. They also produce few fumes, and as such, they can be used with limited ventilation.

So, without further due, let’s find out in the discussion below.

Why Are Gel Batteries Good For Motorcycles?

The gel batteries are made of water, sand or silica, and sulphuric acid. Other than that, there are a set of features that helps improve their performance. Read on.

High quality and long life cycle

With proper maintenance, a normal motorcycle battery lasts up to three years. A gel battery is a cost-effective yet rewarding product that can go up to four years.

Gel batteries have a colloidal electrolyte that protects the electrode plates from vibration and cracks by forming a protective layer around them. Further, these batteries have good chemical and physical protection, and even when short-circuited, they do not decrease their capacity.

Low self-discharge

With good favorable storage of at least 20°C, gel batteries have a very low self-discharge. This means that you can utilize them even after two years without the need to recharge them.

Likewise, even in low temperatures, they have a high ability to retain charge and vibration resistance.

Environmental friendliness

As batteries rust, the chemical produced soaks into the soil, thereby contaminating the surface and groundwater. This compromises the ecosystem, which consists of animals and aquatic plants. Further, these can cause landfill fires that smolder for many years.

The advantage of gel batteries is that they have a solid electrolyte that does not leak. In addition, they use a special alloy grid of calcium-lead, which is corrosion resistant and accepts charge easily.

Subsequently, when in use, they neither produce any toxic elements nor produce an acid-mist gas precipitate. Therefore they are friendly to the environment, which means long-term sustainability.

Easy to adapt to a range of environments

Cold temperatures are unforgiving on batteries. Most batteries die or lose up to 60% of their charge when temperatures are below freezing. The reason is, that cold weather can greatly reduce the electrolyte’s power in transferring full power and give you trouble when restarting.

Conversely, gel batteries are ideal for use even in cold areas. Their performance in low temperatures is good as they can be used in a range of -40°C to -60° C. Therefore, they will stay in good shape without needing a warmer or a block heater to keep warm.

Less maintenance required

Batteries require maintenance to improve their performance and complete economic lifetime. However, it can be costly if you get a low-quality option that requires regular maintenance.

Luckily, gel batteries need less maintenance due to having sulphuric acid in gel form. Also, you don’t have to refill them because they don’t dry out. Instead, you only need to do a trickle recharge when necessary.

Spill-proof and shock-resistant

Leakage occurs when you leave the battery for too long. If left unused, it releases power, thereby leaking and producing chemicals. You can keep your battery from leaking by removing it when not in use or in better storage.

The advantage of gel batteries is that they don’t spill in case of battery breaks, unlike the other flooded batteries. Moreover, they don’t leak even when you move them sideways, making them safe for the user.

Another bonus feature of gel batteries is that they have the unique advantage of being shock-resistant. Therefore there is no danger of explosion due to the production of gas or hydrogen fumes.

They can be used at an angle

Unlike the flooded batteries, which require mounted upright, gel batteries can be placed at any angle. On the same note, the gel inside doesn’t move around, and neither does it leak.

More powerful

Compared to conventional batteries, gel batteries are more powerful and have a high capacity as well. If you leave your headlights on, gel batteries can hold up to 2 hours, boosting their dependability.

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As you can see, gel batteries are the best among motorcycle batteries and are often preferred by motorcyclists due to their efficiency and longer life cycle. Even though they cost more than other types, they have great features and benefits.

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