Are Cruiser Motorcycles Good for Commuting?

Are Cruiser Motorcycles Good for Commuting

There is nothing as fulfilling as cruising down an open road on a Harley-Davidson cruiser. The massaging wind and the smell of a freshly cut lawn is an experience every rider yearns for. As for adrenaline lovers, splitting lanes is something you should try. The feeling is beyond this world! But that’s beside the point, today we are looking at are cruiser motorcycles good for commuting?

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Are Cruiser Motorcycles Good for Commuting?

Well, the answer is both – yes and no. Cruisers are excellent for long rides on open roads. Its comfortable riding position makes it ideal for long rides. The windshield reduces the strain exerted by the wind on your body. The ever convenient low seat gives you confidence- which is vital for new riders.

They are, however, not so good for commuting on busy urban streets with dense traffic. This is because they’re heavy, making it challenging to navigate through obstacles.

So if you’re commuting on the freeway or highway, then a cruiser is the right choice.

Why Are Cruiser Motorcycles Good for Commuting?

Cruisers are ideal for open road commuting (bi-ways, freeways, or highways). Open road riding is pretty straightforward compared to urban riding. Here are deep details of it.


Comfort is a top priority for long-distance motorcycle commuters. If you are commuting for long hours, you need a motorcycle that keeps you relaxed. It is especially true for older adults.

If your workplace is 30 miles from home, a cruiser is an ideal bike for you. Manufacturers of cruisers gave a lot of thought to user ergonomics. As a result, the sitting posture in a cruiser motorcycle is more relaxed. In addition, the front footpeg and the high handle-bars offer you a comfortable feel.

Reduced wind strain

The soothing wind, change in temperature, and connection with nature, makes riding fun. But the wind can be a bit too much, making you feel a little tired. Cruiser motorcycles offer a solution to this challenge through their designed windshield. The shield enhances comfort, making it possible to ride for long hours (6 -8 hours).

Cruiser low sitting position

Confidence is everything for a biker. It is the difference between an experienced rider and a beginner. The type of motorcycle plays a crucial role in boosting a rider’s confidence.

The low seat in the motorcycle cruiser makes it possible for a rider to step on the ground. This gives the rider confidence and a sense of control.

So how far can you commute on a cruiser?

A rider can cover around 500 miles a day on a cruiser. Experience, weather, type of motorcycle, and road condition determine how far you go. Experts recommend 6–7 hours max of motorcycle riding.

Last words

Well, cruising through a metropolitan area requires a lot of navigation, which can be difficult on a cruiser. Therefore, the best motorcycle to ride on streets and alleys is the standard type.

However, if you are in love with a cruise–you can invest in it. Just be careful, take precautions and ensure you put on the proper protective gear.

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