Are Ape Hanger Handlebars Dangerous?

Are Ape Hanger Handlebars Dangerous?

Usually, people with back problems may prefer ape hangers to handlebars, making them look like they are riding a lower-down bike. However, it helps people stand up instead of making them want to hunch over. Also, it reduces the stress on your hands and arms and your shoulder and back. But leaving everything behind, the question is, Are ape hanger handlebars dangerous?

Well, the answer depends on how high they are and how long of trips you make. Normally, I feel from my personal experience it is uncomfortable. Also, in some cases, it is dangerous too. Yet, mini ape hangers motorcycles like Harley-Davidson Street Bob may surprise you at modest speeds when it comes to urban driving.

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So, Ape Hanger Handlebars Dangerous Or Safe?

If you compare ape hanger handlebars with regular bars, you’ll see they are different in the upright posture. So, tall riders who like to sit up straight while riding would love high handlebar grips. But are motorcycle ape hangers safe? A set range of ape hangers heights: like 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, or 16 inches is safe.

But when it goes over 20- 30 inches above the seat level, it becomes dangerous for any riders. Therefore, the US has motorcycle handlebar height laws by state. You can check the list of maximum height requirements for handlebars on motorcycles.

Why Ape Hangers?

  • It gives a different look on a motorcycle and riding posture.
  • Perfect height hangers give arms sit straight in front of yours.
  • Mini ape hangers provide less pain and discomfort.

Why Are Ape Hanger Handlebars Dangerous?

  • Too wide handlebars challenge maneuvering the bike at low speeds.
  • Hard to make a turn on highways.
  • Improper handlebar height causes problematic wind resistance for riders when riding at speed.
  • Overweighted ape hangers make the bike control harder.
  • Tough to get out of your seat quickly when there is a sudden stop.
  • Arms will get tired and numb due to poor blood circulation.
  • Too long ridings with Ape Hangers cause chest pain.

Is Ape Hanger Comfortable?

It is comfortable riding down the slope roads. But normally, since in this type of handlebars hands become too close to the chest, it feels uncomfortable. Also, it can be hard to control a bike when riders cruise their motorcycle at full speed.

However, the ape hanger can still be comfortable if the bars are level with your shoulder and you have total highway control. Moreover, installing an ape handlebar below eye level can maneuver perfectly at high or slow speeds.


Q.  Why are ape handlebars harder to control?

Usually, super-wide hangers are hard to control. A narrower handlebar is good but moves hands higher and closer to the chest. So it becomes harder to control.

Q. Why are ape hangers illegal?

As we know, in 1960, the American government banned high-set ape hangers in 30 due to safety. Also, police found most high-set ape hanger users are like to outlaw motorcycle gangs. However, The Australian Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 restricts ape hangers’ legality not more than 380mm from the lowest part of the handlebar grip.

Q. Are ape hangers illegal in California?

No. “But it shouldn’t be more than six inches above riders shoulder height when sitting astride the seat.”

Q. Are ape hangers illegal in New York?

Yes! However, drivers are only allowed to use the shoulder height of handlebars. For more details, read- New York Motorcycle Equipment Requirements.

Q. Are ape hangers illegal in Texas?

No. There are no specific rules on high handlebars in Texas. But this state law is strict in driving inside of designated lanes.

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